It's been a quiet few days here on the blog, mostly due to a series of unfortunate events, culminating in a horrific accident with a stroller and the camera. I would post a photo, but (aside from having no camera but my phone...) the pictures would make you gasp and cringe. The good news is that we have a giveaway here for you! We're trying to get the word out that we are moving, so please share with any pen friends you have! Stay tuned; we've got a few more fun surprises ahead. One of the first line of inks I ever used, and also one of the first lines we brought into the shop when we first started this business is Rohrer & Klingner. It's a rainbow of easy to clean, easy to write with inks (although pay a little extra mind for Salix + Scabiosa, iron galls!), and to this day, has some of my favourite inks. If I had to choose my favourite, which is a bit like asking a mother to choose her favourite child (for me, a tie between the baby and Super), I would have to say I am partial to Salix, Konigsblau, Leipziger Schwarz, Blu Mare, Scabiosa, and, of course, Alt-Gold grun. Interestingly, I have never tried Sepia, but it's on my list.
Rohrer & Klingner Inks from Wonder Pens
  If you've had a hard time deciding which Rohrer & Klingner ink to try next, you're in luck! We're giving away a complete set - 18 inks - to add to your collection. You can tell me how you like the Sepia. To enter, leave a comment below! It'll be hard to resist, but please only enter once :) Canadian friends only. Contest closes 11:59 PM EST on March 24th, 2015. Winner announced March 25th, 2015. For an extra chance to win, consider visiting us on Instagram! We're giving away a complete set of inks here on the blog, and another set on Instagram.

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March 17, 2015 — wonderpens



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Treena-marie Prairie

Treena-marie Prairie said:

I would absolutely love to win this prize. It would save me so much time and money because I live in a town where its hard to find what u need.


Adam said:

While the old shop did have a charm of its own, congratulations on the new place. All the best to you and your family.


FrankGox said:

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VenkatP said:

Never tried any Rohrer & Klingner ink before. Will be an interesting experience if I win. Good luck with your move.

Cori N

Cori N said:

I am so excited about your new location! It’s always amazing to see Canadian businesses succeed! I can hardly wait to follow along with the adventure as it unfolds!


serao said:

What a great giveaway. Good luck moving locations!

MaryBeth (@misaacmom)

MaryBeth (@misaacmom) said:

I have not been to toronto in years (used to go quite often). I will make a point to stop by next time I visit!. I love using inks in mixed media. These look fabulous!


sharonseto said:

I’m in the process of moving from the west (just south of your Dundas shop) to the east (just south of your new location!). I’m so excited because I haven’t had a chance to stop in, but will be able to easily now. So excited to see come by and also take a class.


MC said:

rohrer and klingner inks are my new obsession…tried the leipziger schwarz after your blog post and cannot describe how I love this ink… good luck with the move. sorry to see your sweet shop on dundas go but consoled by the fact that you will be moving to my bit of the city (happy dance)


DavidG said:

Looking forward to seeing the new shop in the East end. Good luck with the move!


shuito said:

Great giveaway! Good luck with the move…and if those 18 inks will make it half a box less and lighter for your move, I’ll take it!


Alex said:

Congratulations on the success of your amazing business! Inspiring to see people doing what they love!


Anonymous said:

Haha, thank you! We are a bit shy, although I should say it’s mostly me posting, so I guess I’m a bit shy! :)


marandylinh said:

It’ll be exciting to get to try new inks! Good luck with the move!!

Chris Mak

Chris Mak said:

Good luck with the move! And thanks for the giveaway!


neeuqdrazilLiz said:

What an amazing giveaway! I’ve got a few samples of R&K inks, and I’ve loved what I’ve used. Hooray for ink!


Yasmeen said:

This is exciting news. Best wishes in the new location.

Tasneem Abdelhaleem

Tasneem Abdelhaleem said:

Great idea! Hope the move goes well!

Gail Kranendonk

Gail Kranendonk said:

With twin granddaughters arriving soon, we will be printing lots of pictures ourselves and the extra ink would come in handy and be greatly appreciated.


Mohamed said:

Visited the store for first time recently with my kids. We all loved it. We look forward to visit the new location.

All the best


jt said:

R&K Konigsblau was the first ink I purchased when 906 opened. While I’ve acquired many lovely inks from your shop since then, it is still one of my favourites :) Excited to hear about the new location; hope the move goes smoothly!


Joanna said:

Wow! 18 inks is pretty incredible!

Dale Steele Nicolov

Dale Steele Nicolov said:

Wow, what a wonderful give husband would love it if we won this!!!


ginafleury said:

I would love this for my calligraphy

Roland S

Roland S said:

Thanks for the kind giveaway! Testing 18 inks sounds like a great way to pass a rainy afternoon.

Nastazia Qlaffa

Nastazia Qlaffa said:

That is such an amazing give away! I’m looking forward for this contest! Since I found the fountain pens of my dreams from your store, its time to start experiencing with different inks! Keep us updated! Thank you for the offer!

All best Anastasia

Andrew Sgro

Andrew Sgro said:

Really excited to see the new store! So excited that everything is going well, nice to see enthusiasts and a local shop do so well.

I have recently purchased Konigsblau, fabulous ink.


acksee said:

I only use black ink so this would be wasted on me but hey I never win anything anyways.


Ken said:

Yay! You’re moving into the east end. Boo.. for my wallet.


Jordan said:

What an awesome giveaway. So happy to see you are expanding and moving closer to me!


uchinanchukg said:

Hello Liz & Jon,

Glad to hear about the move. Good luck with everything.
I have a bottle of Salix which I love.
I’ve also tried a sample of Alt-Goldgrun. Very nice shading on that one.

Looking forward to seeing you at the new location!



LL said:

What a great giveaway! Sad that you’ll be moving further away, but happy to hear you are expanding!:)


srohse said:

Well, I have sepia, but none of the others. Good luck with the move.


Tanya said:

Super excited to have you in the east end! Very much looking forward to browsing the shop once it’s open!

Jordon Wong

Jordon Wong said:

I only have scabiosa, need..more..R&K

Paul Joynes

Paul Joynes said:

Looking forward to shopping at the new location.


Edmond said:

OMG, good luck with new store. Divine. Wow, prizeink is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me!

Emily M.

Emily M. said:

Best of luck with the move! The new space is much closer to me and I’m very excited to see it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson said:

Happy to hear of your upcoming move!
Keep this great store moving forward – you guys are the best.

Ryan Clements

Ryan Clements said:

Glad to hear you are getting a new store, I wish you guys the best of luck and maybe one day i will be able to come see the store in person

Gerry kincaid

Gerry kincaid said:


Cathy Oppedisano

Cathy Oppedisano said:

Would love to have such wonderful calligraphy supplies since my supplies from high school have probably been thrown away by those that can’t appreciate such an expression of art and communication


afterdinnertreat said:

This is an amazing giveaway! I hope you guys have lots of success in your new digs.


brandon said:

Excited to see what the new store is going to be like!


Marvin said:

Good luck with your new store..I lived in Toronto in the 50’s but now on Vancouver Island so I will not be visiting your new store any time soon, my loss.

James Robb

James Robb said:

I love ink

Lee Munro

Lee Munro said:

If I had to pick one R&K ink, it would have to be Scabiosa. They don’t make a bad ink, every one is gorgeous and well behaved. But there’s simply nothing else out there like Scabiosa: shading, colour, waterproofness, it’s truly a one-off ink.

Joyce perih

Joyce perih said:

Would luv to win this. Good luck with your move:)

Kerry adams

Kerry adams said:

Hope the Camera and Stoller are OK!
While I don’t own a complete line of any inks, I have samples of the complete pilot iroshizuku line and it is amazing.
I am forever trying new inks (my samples are drawing near to the 100 mark) and discovering the beauty of each shade and style.

Good luck with the move, but don’t worry, we’ll all move with you ?

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