Some of us are working from home more than usual. While the fountain pens and notebooks are things we talk about all the time, I thought I’d share some of my favourite desk tools, especially as I’ve recently begun trying to declutter in and around my workspace. I’ve come to the realization and acceptance that I’m going to revel in clutter and variations and editions of things as part of my job, and that it’s also okay to have spaces where I have just a few of my favourite things to use.

The washi tape dispenser is from Classiky. Various clips. I used to try and be more organized about them. All my airplane clips in one little box, all the book clips in another. I have fully given up, and all the clips co-mingle. The scissors are Japanese, and they cut like a dream. They’re supposed to be ergonomic, but I’m not sure I cut enough to really feel a difference in hand fatigue, other than that they cut so smoothly. At home on my desk, I generally have more time so I use the Masterpiece 2-step. I have a little incense holder that I use to hold the shavings. Out and about I think I would prefer to use something that holds the shavings, and is a bit faster, like the Blackwing 1-step. Glue stick for journaling, kids crafts.

With all of the washi tape back in stock, I find myself loving these dispensers, and in fact I’m currently using two of them, rotating in and out the tapes. We’ve started putting some washi tape on the postcards we send out in orders, I use it for journaling, my own snail mail, the kids use it to tape things up. It’s fun having two kinds of tape, one that’s a bit simpler, and one that is more decorative, for all of life’s different stationery situations. I sometimes use ones like this one, with all the animal faces, as reward sticker faces for music practice or homeschooling.

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