Writing with a fountain pen can be a way to restart a love of writing, help you to slow down, connect with others through letter writing, find mental clarity in journaling, or to become more productive and creative at work.  

Writing by hand can be a meditative act, and feeling the nib or the tip of a pen on paper often brings inspiration or new ideas to mind. Those of us with a lifelong love of stationery from our earliest school days know the satisfaction of crossing things off a to do list, or the delight of receiving a thoughtful note in the mail, but as adults, we are often returning to analogue supplies, whether it’s a journal with high quality paper or a fountain pen to take notes with at a work meeting, from a fast-paced world of technology. 

Here are a few places to get started when writing with a fountain pen. 

The Lamy Safari is a workhorse fountain pen made in Germany. It is designed to write for you everyday for years, highly recommended for beginners as well as writers looking for a high-use pen. 

Fill it with disposable cartridges or use a converter to draw up ink from a bottle over and over again. 






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