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This is not my cat, although of course I wish he was. He is so friendly and affectionate and curious, if also a trouble maker. His worst traits include eating my plants and knocking over cups of liquid. He has some mediocre ones also, including pouncing on Chicken, which is entertaining, since, predictably, Chicken hates it and hisses, ears going haywire, but eventually forces me from my seat as Chicken is really just so pathetic and also actually our cat and so I am called to defence. After enough pouncing, if Chicken hasn’t run away entirely, you can tell the grey cat is appropriately regretful by his chastened hesitancy in approaching Chicken again, Chicken totally unforgiving. You would think this grey cat is not being fed by the way he meows at Chicken’s food bowl when it’s empty, when in fact I believe he’s poaching food from many various locations. He’s irresistible. He’s just so goofy.


Cat people will not understand this, but actually I think most people prefer Chicken in the shop, as Chicken is casual and low-key, sleeps in drawers or boxes. He might come up to sniff and say hello before sauntering off, but this grey one, when he’s in the mood, will jump up on the counter, and rub elbows and faces and hands holding pens, lounge down right on top of the tester paper while you’re trying to write. You remove him and he jumps back up. I had a customer upset because he’s allergic to cats and this one was casually stalking back and forth on the pen display, waiting for his next anaphylactic victim, so I had to toss him (the cat) out into the backyard, closing the door behind me.



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September 13, 2021 — Liz Chan



Ana said:

Oh, no. You got yourself a useless intern too. He’s adorable and lovable and grabbed your heart with both paws but he’s definitely gonna be a handful.


Simone said:

Always like to hear update on Chicken and other cats. Love this grey tabby. The two cats are like ying and yang and that is wonderful. These two are BIG incentives to visit your store and browse.

Sindy J

Sindy J said:

Such an adorable cat and story! Too bad Chicken has no use for him. It also sounds like this grey tabby wants a job as Official Greeter and Customer Service Cat. Chicken’s role is Chief Napper and Official Cat Model.


neri said:

people who loves stationary but not cats seems weird but i guess there are such in the wild. i would have done the opposite (throwing who out) maybe, but good thing i am not a shop owner haha.

Cathy McCullough

Cathy McCullough said:

LOL I’m glad to hear that it was the cat you dropped into the back yard instead of the customer. As a cat person, I would have been torn… I appreciate your professionalism. :)

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