Over a year ago now we shared the very exciting announcement that we were going to be a Traveler’s Company Partner Shop, which means we are now part of their community of special retailers who carry some special edition items. They are, understandably, pretty big on encouraging people to travel out and about into the world and visit different places, visit their Partner Shops, see what interesting flavours each shop has. I know some of you have been saddened that we’ve only been able to sell these special edition items in store, as you might not be local, or you might be loathe to travel for “frivolous” shopping even within your own city during a pandemic.


With COVID, and with many shops in many parts of the world shut down on and off for the last year and a half, Traveler’s Company made the decision to allow their Partner Shops to begin selling online.


We are now able to sell Partner Shop items through our website, within Canada only. We’re a bit low on stock now with lockdown restrictions having kept our shops closed, but we are expecting more inventory, so if you have your eye on an item, I encourage you to sign up for the email in-stock notification. We are a bit behind the ball, as usual, as other Partner Shops have already gotten themselves organized and items listed online, but Hobonichi orders and TWSBI ALR Navy orders and normal orders have been keeping us buzzing.


We have a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings for Saori-san and the Traveler’s Company team, and especially appreciate their thoughtfulness in how they approach their community of Partner Shops. As a single shop, we ourselves have to put a lot of thought and deliberation into the tiny decisions we make for ourselves, things on pre-orders, how we manage in-store pick ups, and other logistical details, but the Traveler’s team is managing and supporting shops around the world.


While being a Partner Shop is exciting for us because we get to ogle at all of their special edition items, and participate in their initiatives, what makes it particularly meaningful for us is that we get to be a part of their community, to hold the post for Travelers around the world to come visit, and for them to know that we are one of them. Their philosophy of traveling, seeing the world, meeting shopkeepers and other travellers is fundamental to what they do. While we’re all trying our best to hold strong during these locked down times, we are also looking forward to what’s to come, with our Traveler’s Notebooks appropriately decked out.


Here are a few snaps of our Traveler’s Notebook area at the Main Shop, with some of the Partner Shop items.



Other links of note if you’ve just joined us:


Visiting Two Traveler’s Factory Shops in Japan

Traveler’s Factory Stamp Caravan from summer 2019

Visiting the flagship Nakameguro Traveler’s Factory



One of my favourite photos of all time, Naomi with Atsuhiko Iijima-san, the creator of the Traveler’s Notebook in Tokyo, Japan, 2019. Stationery shopkeeper peak.


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September 19, 2021 — Liz Chan

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