One of the perks of cold weather and a semi-functioning furnace is that Chicken is now eager to get close, climb into your lap, curl up on your stomach, or just get involved in whatever’s going on. I’ve read anecdotal “evidence” that ginger cats are the friendliest ones, and this is the one, brief season of the year where it might possibly be ever so slightly true in our case.


The season will indeed be brief. Our neighbour’s cats only come out in warm weather and I saw the black one in our backyard this afternoon. Soon enough it will be warm enough for Chicken to continue his existence ignoring all the love that swims around him in the air.


But I will rub behind his ears while he lets me, and cherish those deep purrs when I can earn them. It’s a bit like holding still when a baby’s sleeping, but it seems to me this stage has lasted a long time with Chicken.




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April 29, 2021 — Liz Chan

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