The Classiky Desk Tool Box is one of the first items that I fell in love with from Classiky, and I still use and love it today. It’s one of Classiky’s iconic pieces, and is sometimes out of stock from Japan, so we’re always glad when we get in a shipment. Classiky boxes are some of the largest items we sell, so we can always tell when a Classiky shipment has just come in, and all the online orders get ready to go.


I have a few of the boxes for various purposes, and I also use my medium first aid box for stationery supplies, but the desk tool box, because it’s long and flat, is perfect for accessing everything without things getting buried underneath, without having to root around in neatly organized washi tape rows for something hidden deep.


One of my favourite things about this desk tool box is that it forces me to take the time to evaluate and condense what I’m using on a regular basis, because of its limited space. I can rotate things in and out, but I can’t have everything all at once, and sometimes having fewer choices helps me to focus more easily on what I’m really trying to get done rather than agonizing over tape choice, although it is admittedly one of the less unpleasant forms of agonizing these days.


And every once in a while, it’s a pleasure to take everything out and re-organize, as I am indeed, to no one’s surprise, someone who accumulates clutter and scraps of paper. I can listen to an audiobook or music, I can futz around in my drawers and cupboards, sort through any bits that need to go into the recycling or things that I put in there out of convenience but don’t really need.


While it usually stays on my desk with me, I occasionally bring it around to do an activity with the kids, or to follow the sun as it moves. I am looking forward to warmer weather, once I’ll be able to bring out onto the terrace or the fire escape with me.




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April 27, 2021 — Liz Chan

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