We just launched a new ink with Ferris Wheel Press, and I’m so pleased and proud and thrilled and of course a little nervous with how it’s all going to go. It’s a rich, warm brown with some light green sheen, and it’s called Writing Desk, one of my favourite places to be and dream about, the one I actually sit at, and the one that I imagine for myself some place by the water.



It’s been several months in the making, and lots of tiny vials in the mail and emails back and forth, and my usual waffling in the tiniest deliberations and indecisiveness. As in basically all things, I was the limiting reagent in the entire process.


It turned out so well, all the parts of it. The design on the box was so exciting to see coming together, all the thoughtful details that the incredible design team at Ferris Wheel Press were able to incorporate, from our shop front to the ink wall to of course Chicken.






And the ink itself! It’s a warm, deep brown, with that green sheen where it’s gone on wet. It is an ink that is dark enough to be in a “serious” office or workplace, while still holding its character, something that isn’t just a black or a blue.





In any case, what a ride. This pandemic has been filled with ups and downs, and what a complete gift it is to get the view from up here, for just a moment to enjoy seeing all of this come together and to see all of the boxes of boxes of ink neatly stacked up in the warehouse. If nothing else, this ink, for us, will be a reminder of the tail end of this pandemic, after months of lockdown and quarantine and social distancing.


The ink was announced last week, and it’s been so touching and heartwarming to see all of your responses and excitement to it, those of you who had pre-ordered it, who had ordered an extra box to send to someone, those of you as thrilled as we are to have this special collaboration exist in the world.


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August 16, 2021 — Liz Chan



Steve said:

I’m not a sheen guy, though this might be great with the new Lamy 2000 Jubilee SE. But if you announced next year that the second ink collaboration was going to be yellow with gold sheen — and named it ‘Chicken’ — I would be first in line to order it. 🐱 🖋 😎

Ken McCulloch

Ken McCulloch said:

As an artist who does watercolour sketches, I’d be interested in how waterproof this is. Any hope?

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