These days have been looking a bit different from what they usually look like, although most of my tools have stayed the same.

  • Ipad for blogging, emails, social media
  • Traveler’s Notebook for a little bit of everything: brainstorming, journaling, very loose planning (my days are all looking basically the same right now, and seem to be looking so for the foreseeable future), but planning ahead for what’s going to come up on the blog, ordering. Things are changing day by day, orders that we thought were coming in turn out to be delayed indefinitely, or things just show up by surprise, so it is what it is.
  • Two Beaumonts, a Pilot G2 B2P, two of tester pens (Lamy Safari Yellow, medium, a TWSBI ECO Black broad)
  • Hobonichi Techo (Avec) as a daily to-do list, which generally devolves at some point in the day into an aggressive doodle pad/nonsense/illegible script
  • Rhodia A5 yellow graph for notes, orders, inventory, things that need to be torn out

As much as technology has allowed us to have a blog and social media presence, along with, of course, selling online, I’m finding I try and write by hand more and more, whether it’s lists, journaling, doodling or trying to figure out ideas. It all seems a bit more manageable.

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April 18, 2020 — wonderpens

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