Sailor released eight new Manyo inks to join the line. It is always a fun day when new inks come in, particularly from Sailor. They have so many colours! It’s hard to choose favourites, but I suppose that’s never stopped anyone from trying.

Sailor Manyo Ukikusa: In a Lamy fine. A light-ish but still legible green. Solid for teachers.
Sailor Manyo Shirakashi: Pilot Custom 823 Medium. Ah, what a beauty. I almost never ink up my 823 despite loving the nib because the tank is just massive and it takes me forever to use up. But an ink with character, shading.
Sailor Manyo Chigaya: with a Sailor Naginata. A terrific black. A bit glossy, super smooth.
Sailor Manyo Ume: A darkish red with a green sheen. Excellent for Christmas cards. If there was ever a year to send out holiday cards, this is it.
Sailor Manyo Kakitsubata in my Franklin-Christoph pocket 20 fine. A solid blue with a good amount of purple.
Sailor Manyo Sakura: A pinkish orange with a hint of sheen. I sometimes feel as though if I had more personality in life, perhaps I would be able to make better use of these exciting inks.
Sailor Manyo Konagi: Franklin-Christoph Model 20, fine. A good blue always gets me, especially when it’s got a bit of sheen. I don’t need too much, just a bit will do.
Sailor Manyo Nadeshiko: in Platinum 3776 Tortoiseshell Broad, a fun ink! A light is blue with some purple mixed in.
From left to right: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20, Lamy Vista, Franklin-Christoph Model 20, TWSBI ALR Prussian Blue, Platinum 3776 Tortoiseshell, Pilot 74 Impressions, Pilot Custom 823, Sailor Naginata.
Always fun to add to my inked up pens pile, especially when they’re freshly inked up and not languishing after several months of neglect, ink possibly dried up in there.


In any case, it’s been a week. Lots going on, and here in Toronto, it was the first week of school for many, including Caleb. Some things never change, but this year has given that nugget a good solid run. I had cheerfully and foolishly thought that I would catch up on things this week, with both kids off to their new worlds, but it turns out the hours flew by as I stumbled about, barely making it to pick up on time and picking up the phone on after twelve rings. Time marches on, and I am ever grateful for Caleb and Naomi’s teachers and education workers in this wild time.

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September 19, 2020 — wonderpens



Nadine said:

This elusive Pilot Custom 823 you speak of in your review of the Shirakashi…. I don’t see it in your stocked pens. Will you be carrying this pen? It holds a massive amount of ink!!?? Who doesn’t want a Pilot pen that has a huge ink tank !
Please, do tell.


DG said:

I’ve been looking for swatches for the new Manyo inks! Thanks for the post! Shirakashi looks pretty similar to rikyu-cha.

Christine M

Christine M said:

How very pretty!!!

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