The new Sailor Pirate’s Life 1911L and 1911S are here! I am so here for this edition. I’ve noncommittally declared myself a gold-trim-only person in life, and this one is perfect. This is another North American special edition, so we’ll have them while we have them. What a beauty! This colour is fall and golden and warm and everything I need right now.

Against the mustard mini from my small boat of Sailors.
Each of these Pirate Life’s pens comes with a gold pin that you can pin to your favourite jean jacket.
Sailor nibs!
Ink is Diamine Pelham Blue on Tomoe River.

Naomi has started preschool, and Caleb is about to start his school soon enough. I’m slowly mentally preparing myself for this new season of life, wallowing in the usual existential despair, all the flavours of a pandemic and empty nesting and imminent winter creating a delicious stew. I watched the Raptors in double overtime in their Game 6 and I thought I was going to have a hernia. Life swings wild.

But while I have Caleb, I have roped him into helping me fill my new pen. He arrived to his bat signal shirtless, cape on, and some sort of illustrated paper emblem taped to his chest, but I convinced him to get dressed.

From left to right: Anchor Grey, Demonstrator, Pirate’s Life
Coincidentally, it’s a fantastic match for our now sold out special edition Superior Labor Ochre portfolios and pen and wallet cases.

These beauties! Nothing like having a new and bright pen in your pen roll.


Currently reading: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
Currently eating: Mini chocolate Easter eggs which actually they sell year round, so at least something is working out for me
Current number of inked Sailors: 4 (Mint Dragon’s Palace, Highlighter 1911S, Mustard Mini, Pirate’s Life)
Current internal debate: whether Chicken grooming himself on me is a sign of dominance or friendliness
Nature healing: overdue library books stacked next to the door

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September 11, 2020 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

You know, I think you’re right. Perhaps with the extra days of quarantine, it’s been a bit of grace extended to its readers. I can use all the grace I can get these days! :)

Lisa RR

Lisa RR said:

If any consolation, I think TPL is not actually charging fines right now …
but then again I always think of the fines as just an extra donation to the amazing library.

Susan Power

Susan Power said:

Hi, do you sell the Sailor pen with Fude nibs? Love the ochre btw

Julie Rak

Julie Rak said:

Nice looking pen. I am however sad that there is no Diamine Pelham Blue to be had in Canada right now in full bottles. :-(


wonderpens said:

Oh no! Pelham Blue is such a great colour. A nice solid blue with a hint of muted-ness to it. We are expecting our Diamine shipment to come in soon, although I’m not sure if Pelham Blue will have been in stock on it. You can always email if you’d like someone to sign you up for an email notification when it comes back in!

Vanessa Heng

Vanessa Heng said:

Beautiful! Would love to get one. Which model is that light blue Sailor 1911 in the second-last photo? It’s a lovely blue.


wonderpens said:

It is lovely! It is the Sailor Anchor Grey, another North American exclusive.



I have dropped a very broad hint to Santa (i.e. emailed him the link to the product page!). What a gorgeously bright cheerful colour it is!

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