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Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen Ink (50mL) - Chigaya


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Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen Ink (50mL) - Chigaya

New from Sailor is the Manyo ink collection—available exclusively outside of Japan—a selection of sixteen colours inspired by the flowers referenced in Manyoshu, or "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves"; an anthology of ancient Japanese poetry. Themes of love, travel, celebration, and the passage of time are prominent, but it is the Japanese flora that takes centre stage, with more than 1,500 of the poems referencing plants and flowers.

Ink up with these vibrant hues to remind you of the sunshine on a warm summer's day, of the resilient flowers that grow along the sidewalk, the kaleidoscope of colours in icicles, or to chase the winter blues away.


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