We just received the new Lamy special edition Safari’s. We’ve been looking forward to them for a while now, and it was a nice boost to have them come in. They’re bright and fun and just what we need—in every way.

The best part of the pens this year is the matching clip.

Pre-orders have been shipping out the door, and as always, we’ve had fun guessing and seeing which colours our regular customers have picked. It’s contentious when there are three colours in a special edition release. I am, unsurprisingly, all for the Mango.

There’s also a Mango ink this year! Available in bottled ink and cartridges. It’s very mango-y, and hopefully a sign of the sunshine and good weather and cheer to come over the next little while.

Lamy Mango Writing Sample

The writing sample is done with a broad nib on the Safari and on the Lightweight Tomoe River refill from Traveler’s Notebook.

Lamy Mango Writing Sample


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Lamy 2020 Safari Candy Special Edition Mango Violet Aquamarine

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March 21, 2020 — wonderpens



Elizabeth said:

How does this ink compare in colour to Noodler’s Apache Sunset?


Anonymous said:

Yes—-just what we need in this time, a bit of sunshine. Thanks so much for your order and support. Stay well!


Jen said:

I’m excited for the new colours! How does the mango ink colour compare with the bronze from last year?

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frolep rotrem said:

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Oooh, pretty! I just got my shipping notice — actually the pen and ink are for DH, but I told him that my “commission” for ordering them for him will be a converter-ful of the ink. I do like those body-matching clips! It’s funny — I wasn’t crazy about any of the three colours when I first saw them, but they’re all sort of growing on me. They’re very Easter-ish.


Leslie said:

My Mango LAMY arrived today! A sunny delicious colour, Thanks!

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