We recently got these new Pentel Aquash Water Brushes, which are brushes that hold water in a soft barrel, allowing you to squeeze to release more water as you like. For us, we’re finding most people are using them for on the go watercolour painting and brush lettering.

There are two nib sizes, a small and a medium.

This one is the medium tip, filled with water, used with a watercolour palette. You can definitely squeeze water out of it in droplets, as you need to either clean out the brush tip or add water to mix colours.

The watercolour palette in the photos is the same one I made a while back, and did a blog post on, using a Kaweco tin. It’s nice and small, but carries a good number of colours.

And here’s a close-up of the tip for the small brush.

We know a lot of artists that use them with black inks, or with lighter, shading inks, to get a specific look, along with using them for traditional watercolour painting, especially as a portable tool.

I filled it up with Noodler’s Raven Black with an ink syringe, which is a great ink for artists, animators or illustrators because it’s dark and black and permanent. It’s also one of our exclusive inks, and a personal favourite.

In these crazy times of no school, I’m also using them with the kids, which has been a relatively easy way to keep them busy and creative, with limited mess—no cups of water, and still the fun of painting. It’s been great to bring and back forth to the main shop.


We are thinking of all of you out there. Hang in there.

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March 18, 2020 — wonderpens



Nina said:

When using it with ink, do you fill it with pure ink or dilute it with water?


wonderpens said:

In this blog post, I filled it with just pure ink, however, of course you can dilute your ink to get more shading, or even mix inks. I know some artists fill them with ink and then dilute with water by dipping into a cup of water also.

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