A lot of us who are fountain pen nerds are also just general stationery nerds. With our brick and mortar shops closed, the fun of coming in to try out the rainbow of different gel or ballpoint or fibre-tip pens is now sadly unavailable. And so we are introducing our Mystery Pen Surprise!

With the popularity of our Mystery Sample Packs, and after a few requests for just the Mystery Pen Surprise from the InCoWriMo bundle, we’re now offering the Mystery Pen Surprise on its own. It’s going to be a surprise pack of six pens, which will include a variety of all sorts, from basic tried-and-true gel pens, to roller balls, ballpoint, liquid ink, highlighters, fibre-tip, fine-liners.

These also make great quarantine care packages to send to friends or colleagues or people you know who are in isolation but could use some fun trying out and writing with some new pens. And if you’re looking to exchange letters with someone, or between your family and another, you can start them off with our InCoWriMo bundle (which includes some mystery pens!).

If you’re doing this, sending supplies to someone, and you’d like to send a card, we can also help with that. You can add any of our greeting cards to your cart, and leave a message in the order comments, we will write the message in the card on your behalf and include it in the package you send. Don’t hesitate to reach out through Live Chat or email if you’d like to make sure we get it just right.

We are making things up as we go, and we know everyone is also trying their best to keep sane during these wild times. Every day we are hearing new news and we’re adjusting to new normals on a daily basis, both as a family and as a small shop. We’re watching some of our local shops trying to react just like we are and we’re all learning from each other and trying to figure out new ways to do things. We are hearing alarming news about some of our distributors closing up. We won’t be receiving certain shipments (Rhodia, J. Herbin...), and won’t be able to restock some lines. But we forge on!

We can’t thank you enough for your orders, your gift certificate purchases, your wise and funny and encouraging comments on your orders and on social media. We are holding steady.

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March 25, 2020 — wonderpens

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