Canada Post released some new postage stamps, and they’re looking pretty great. I’m normally not a fan of non square or rectangular postage stamps—I like my stamps to look like stamps—but the latest few releases are fun. I often order large quantities of stamps in bulk online for our Lettermail shipping, but it’s also nice to to visit your local post office and poke around.

In the non-regular shaped stamps, there’s a baseball one—I will celebrate the Blue Jays, even if I’m not really a sports person, and I like the vintage look to these ones—and a dessert one! Featuring the desserts of Canada. Without a doubt, the Nanaimo bar is my favourite. At the old shop on Carlaw, we used to occasionally pick up a Nanaimo bar from Brick Street Bakery—they were nice and big and I could always split it into two to have over two days.

But the ones I like best are these turtle ones. My favourite stamps are generally illustrated ones, and these turtles are lovely—probably my favourite of the recent releases. Who can resist those little heads poking out.

I’ve been a bit behind on my correspondence of late, a combination of a bunch of things that are all completely my fault and when described in actual words on the internet will only serve to embarrass me. I’m hoping to send out a few letters over the next couple of weeks, and with great timing, our June Letter Writing Club is taking place this Thursday, from 7-pm at the Main Shop.

As always, it’s free to attend, you can drop in any time, enjoy a treat, take a seat and spend a few minutes writing, or chat with some friendly, analogue-loving kindred spirits. I always love Letter Writing Club in the spring and summer months, with the doors open and breeze coming in after the heat of the day, and then after some time away from all the twitchy screens our lives are surrounded by, leaving into the warm night with my mind clear.


Currently reading: Haruki Murakami’s Killing Commendatore
Currently listening to: Chicken, the shop cat, purring loudly
Currently eating: leftover cucumber salad
Currently writing with: Pilot Custom 823 with Iroshizuku Tsukushi, Lamy Safari Neon Lime with Lamy Dark Lilac, Franklin-Christopher Pocket 20 eye droppered with J. Herbin Lie de the
Currently looking forward to: reorganizing my holds list at the Toronto Public Library
Currently not looking forward to: seeing my library fines total on my account as I reorganize my holds list

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June 10, 2019 — wonderpens


Marcy Penner

Marcy Penner said:

I hope that you’ll consider setting up pen pals again?


Pamela said:

Hope you are enjoying the Murakami – I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift for Christmas and I loved it. Good luck with the letter-writing. I have a pile of letters to respond to, so I really should make the effort. I always loved Herbin’s Cacao du Bresil.

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