We’re doing it again! We’ve done a few pen pal match ups in the past which have always been exhilarating, consuming, exciting and a lot of fun. Lately, with so many of you in unusual circumstances, some of you with more time on your hands than you’ve usually had, we’ve been receiving more requests to run our pen pal match again, and so here we are. We are nothing if not here to meet your stationery needs, which occasionally may involve finding you someone to write to.

As always, how it’s worked is that we give everyone a week or so to fill in our form, and we gather all of your pertinent information. We sit, accumulating paper cuts as we sort you all the best we can, and then you are emailed the name and complete mailing address of someone. You write this person the first letter. Someone else will receive your name and mailing address and write to you first. Theoretically, everyone should end up with two new pen pals.

We try to match people up based on the incredibly nuanced information we gather in our survey, intuition and gut feel. We do occasionally also get to know people in store and or through online, and have thought to ourselves these two people would really get along, but mostly we trust in serendipity and the fact that pen people are great people and even if you’re not a pen person you’re still pretty great.

For the first time, we’re also doing a kids pen pal match up. We have been asked a lot about doing one for kids, and we’ve always balked because there’s no way for us to provide any sort of security or screening of any kind. But, these are wild times, and it would be fun to connect with other kids around the world. We are all in this together. Adults, of course, as you all always do, watch out for your kids, and use your discretion and wisdom in monitoring their correspondence.

We implore you to be patient and understanding with us in the relatively unlikely but still very possible event that one or both (!) of your pen pals unfortunately does not respond. In the past we have had a secondary pool of sad people who didn’t catch any fish the first time around, and if we gather enough of the unjoined we’ll do it again this time.

If, after all this, you’re ready to break out that pad of nice stationery, please sign up below:

Adult Sign Up Form

Kids Sign Up Form

Share widely!

Please sign up by Tuesday April 7th. We will be sorting and emailing out pen pals after that. We are going to try and get all the emails out by April 12th. Please double check your junk or spam folders if you haven’t received anything by then. Life happens—don’t we all know it now—but please try your best to commit to writing to both of your pen pals.

If you’re curious about how previous pen pal match ups have gone, you can check out this blog post.

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March 30, 2020 — wonderpens



Thea said:

Thank you so much for organizing the pen pal swap again. I am still writing to my pen pal from the last round and have sent off my introductory letter to this year’s match. When I went In to buy international stamps, I was informed that Australia Post is sending all letters by sea mail now as there is no space on the planes that are still flying. The joys of The Covid! I hope you are ‘hanging in there’ & I wish you all the best as we navigate these bizarre times.


wonderpens said:

Wow, there are indeed so many changes to the way both parcels and letters are being sent during this pandemic! We ourselves are in a bit of a wait and see with some companies shipping to us from overseas, and we’ve heard some people having increased cost for sending letters, along with lengthier (sometimes extremely lengthy!) estimated delivery times. Hoping for things to eventually make their way to where they’re heading!


Nitika said:

Hey, I signed up before the due date and haven’t received an email yet! have you already sent out the names or is it delayed?


Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander said:

Hi there! When do you figure you’ll be accepting new Pen Pal applications for Adults again?


wonderpens said:

Hello! We generally have rounds every year or two because we gather everyone at a time to match people up. You can stay updated by following the blog or signing up for our email newsletter. Hope that helps!


Tara said:

So sorry I missed out on this.
When will you be doing this again :)
Looks like so much fun!


wonderpens said:

Hello! I’m sorry you missed out! We do these sporadically. You can sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of the page at www.wonderpens.ca or you can stay tuned to the blog. Hope that helps!


Sonnia said:

Just filled out form.. feel less than 50 at heart ❤️ ? … but should probably have entered 50+ ☺️


Rosemary said:

Ok, you’re on. I’ve signed up!



I’ve shared the link to this post on a letter-writing forum on Ravelry — hope that’s okay.

I’m still corresponding with the pen friend I met in a previous WP match-up! I thought you did a great job matching us up.


Cassie said:

I am SO happy I stumbled onto your shop via my internet searches. I’m looking forward to joining this pen pal initiative for the first time and getting back in touch with my cursive again! :D


Rosemary said:

Will you be matching more randomly this time around compared to the last time?
I’m thinking of signing up!


wonderpens said:

You’ll have to wait and see who you get matched up with to find out! :)


Rosemary said:

Well I better sign up then!

Sara Handler

Sara Handler said:

This is a wonderful idea! I love it.
I am hoping to motivate my children.

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