While I'm not really a crafty person, this time of year, with the Christmas trees and the Christmas candy at the registers, brings out the festive in me.

Whether it's Christmas mail, Christmas cards, grocery lists or holiday presents - we could all use a little extra help from Santa.

We got these notepads from E. Frances for your Christmas lists, but they're also super for adding a little extra note into your Christmas cards, for example if you're sending a card to an entire family but want to add a note to the member of the family you've known for years. The paper is decently fountain pen friendly, especially with a fine or medium. They're available in both shops, but not online - you can email us for a special order if you're interested, but can't make it in.

E Frances also has seasonal little notes which you can use as gift tags, place cards, signs about food at your holiday party. There are a few designs - a wreath, a snowman, a Christmas tree -  but of course, I went with Santa.

And most exciting of all! Amidst all the new pens and ink shipments and festivity of this season, we just received one of my most anticipated packages. Special edition Santa stickers!
I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I have a particular fondness for Santa, and no one does Santa like Japanese stationery companies. Some of you may remember this Santa washi tape from a few years back, which has awakened some apparently long-dormant interest I have in Santa. I admit to have a few back-up rolls, and perhaps I'll need to stock up on a few extra sheets of these as well. I mean, who can resist Santa on vacation? playing ukulele? or Twister??

I discovered these special edition stickers a few months ago and it's taken us that long to find a source. While we were cutting it close, we got them in for Christmas. Available in both shops, but in very limited quantity.

These guys are perfect as decorations on card envelopes, as replacements for wax seals, on gift tags, letters, presents, on tins of home baked Christmas cookies. If I was still a teacher, I would be putting these all over math tests.


In any case, just thought I would share a few of these since we don't have them up online - it's a bit harder when it's getting busy in the shop and the warehouse, and these are just seasonal items. Just a little fun in the midst of everything else that's going on in this world.


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December 14, 2018 — wonderpens



Aldo said:

That Santa note pad is absolutely something I need in my life! The stickers too, I hope I will be able to get some before they sell out.

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