Dear Pen Friends, The snow has arrived, and with it, the holiday spirit! The shop is busy and warm, and we're thrilled to see lots of familiar faces thinking of Christmas and holiday gifts for their loved ones. Our online shop is also busy, and we're becoming close friends with our local Canada Post guys. To add to the excitement, we've got lots of new things streaming in!
Noodler's Neponset in Acrylic and featuring their flexy music nibs have just arrived, and we've got it in five flashy flavours. A bit of tinkering and love, and you'll be flexing like nobody's business. Also from Noodler's, we now have their new General of the Armies - and we've got some big plans from Noodler's for next year! Lamy fountain pens have long been an important part of our line-up, for some reason we've never carried their Black Purple Al-Star! We've now got it as part of our regular offering, as usually, in any nib size you'd like. Keep posted for next year's Special Edition Al-Star and Safari colours, to be announced early 2015! TWSBI has just released its 580AL in orange, and it's available in nibs sizes from EF - B, perfect for those Apache Sunset lovers. We've also recently received leather pen-holders from Quiver, to attach to your notebooks and keep your pen in its place on the go. Available in brown or black, and they fit any of your A5 notebooks, like the Rhodia Webnotebook. The Kaweco line keeps expanding with more new things! The new Kaweco Brass Sketch-Up Pencil is heavy and features a super thick lead, and we're barely keeping up with all the new Liliputs - now in Stainless Steel, Eco Brass and Copper. We've gotten a lot of requests for Parker pens, and we've now got the Parker IM, as well as their iconic Jotter Ballpoint, for when you need to write in triplicate. Field Notes' Winter Edition Ambition as well as their new regular line Cherry Wood are in shop, and will be up online over the next week.
Most exciting of all, we're now offering Waterman pens! We are starting with the Hemisphere and we'll be growing from there. Expect to see their inks in the new year. Remember, we can generally do special orders for any pen from lines that we carry regularly - just ask! This holiday, we'll have our regular hours until Christmas Eve, when we'll be open from 11-1, and then we will be closed until January 2nd. You can continue to place orders online, which will be shipped out with a small delay. Thanks so much for another wonderful year and best wishes for a happy Christmas and holiday season, Jon & Liz

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December 13, 2014 — wonderpens

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