I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather! The long winter seems like a distant dream/nightmare and I hope you're wandering around outside in shorts and a t-shirt, and maybe getting some ice cream. In our new neighbourhood, Leslieville, there's an ice-cream shop on Queen that always seems packed with people, and even a few dogs waiting longingly outside, but we haven't tried it yet. One day, soon enough! Jon and I are really enjoying the new space and also the new neighbourhood! I think we're both a little sad to think about all the old regulars who lived around the corner from 906 Dundas West, and who came by to pick up an ink or a notebook but who would stay for forty-five minutes to shoot the breeze, but it's also been a lot of fun to meet some East enders. A few people from our building, which is mostly commercial units, have stopped by to introduce themselves, and we've had a chance to meet some people who just live in the area. In fact, our building faces a large residential building, and we've had a few neighbours who have just seen us out their window, and who have come by to say hello! Being a fountain pen shop and hanging out with people who use fountain pens all day, it's been interesting to tell people-not-yet-initiated-into-this-wonderful-world that we sell inks and fountain pens and stationery. You'll be pleased to know the response has been really great! Maybe because there are a lot of graphic designers and creative people around here, but instead of the "People are still using those old-fangled gadgets?" I sometimes expect, we're getting a lot of "Wow, that's super interesting! I'm so glad to see that there's still so much interest in writing and these kind of tools!" Before we moved, Jon and I discussed a few promotions and giveaways to help celebrate and publicize our move. Well, things kind of got away from us (no kidding), but we're still celebrating! We're giving away a bottle of the newly released Bleu Ocean, as well as a bottle of Stormy Grey and Rouge Hematite.
Giveaway from Wonder Pens wonderpens.ca Stormy Grey Bleu Ocean Rouge Hematite
These gorgeous inks all have sheen and sparkle, and are perfect for letters, greeting cards or anywhere you need a little bit of excitement in your life. 1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Say hello, which of these three inks is your favourite, how you're enjoying the warm weather, or whatever you like! 2. Shipping within Canada only. 3. Comments welcomed before Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner, selected randomly, will be announced on Saturday, June 6th. The winner will have three days, until Tuesday, June 9th at 11:59 pm EST to contact us. Have a great weekend :)

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May 29, 2015 — wonderpens


Miriam Jones

Miriam Jones said:

So far I have only been an online customer, though am overdue for a visit to Toronto and will definitely come to the store when I am next there. I love J. Herbin inks and am slowly collecting their different colours. Of the special anniversary inks, I have only had a chance to try the Stormy Grey. It’s fabulous, and from what I can see of the other two, they are as well. Hope I can see for myself before too long.

Congratulations on the move, and very best wishes for the new location.

Celine Wang

Celine Wang said:

My favourite out of these three is definitely the Stormy Grey. The contrast between the coal grey colour and the flecks of gold is to die for. I’m moving to Montreal in the summer, but I’m stopping by Toronto first, so I’m super excited to drop in your new store :)


yanmay said:

the stormy grey sounds interesting. looking forward to checking out your store in person.


turnipsandcorn said:

Love the new store, even though it’s more roomy than before, it still feels cozy.
I’m really considering starting some journal writing with my new pens!


undecided said:

I have not yet seen the new store and have yet to try any Herbin inks. Hopefully this is a great chance to kill two birds with one stone!


wen.e.scott said:

Hey, congratulations on your new shop. I’m too far away (Haliburton) to visit, but since I’ve just discovered your site, I’ll take advantage of Canadian shopping/shipping. Long term journallist — and re-discovering FPs in the last year or so; what a pleasure to write with, so much less tiring than ball points and gels. I’m even experimenting with dip pens so I can use a variety of colours without having to ink up a new pen each time.

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker said:

Congratulations on the new location. Oh, Blue all the way.

Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson said:

I love your posts and although it is difficult for me, Ihope to be able to make a trip to your store. I have dabbled with calligraphy, fountain pens and inks over the years. I absolutely love the beautiful blue ink. Never seen any thing quite like it. Congratulations on your new location!


g2-af40eb7f1a15ba8ddc77ab17a5137118 said:

Congratulations on the move! The weather here in London has been hot, then cool, then rainy, then cold. It looks like it will be getting hot again.

Jessica W (@jwrekso)

Jessica W (@jwrekso) said:

After the reformulation, I’m looking forward to the new (and improved!) Bleu Ocean. The weather this weekend was very gloomy with downpour throughout the day, so I’ve been staying dry and playing with my pups indoors. Thankfully they don’t like getting wet much either.


Biggi said:

Ooohhhh, hello there :) stormy grey all the way! I’ve been enjoying some great sunshine and about 16 degrees up here in northern Ontario! Was snowing yesterday though!


CP said:

I can’t decide which ink I like most … I do like the bottles though ^^. Stopped by the store, and it’s definitely a lot bigger than the old place. I bought my first piston filler pen recently at your store (TWSBI). Warm weather? What’s that? :P It was pretty chilly and rainy today.

Marcie B

Marcie B said:

I am very new to fountain pens and I am a big fan of the new bleu ocean. I only went to your old store once and have now been to the new store. What a great space and neighborhood. Today it is raining and so hanging out inside, making inserts for my fauxdori but recently it has been wonderful days to spend with my 4 year old at the park near cherry beach. Thanks for the opportunity and can’t wait to see new stock coming to the store.

Theresa Lee

Theresa Lee said:

I can’t wait to visit your store and stock up on some good quality pens and paper <3


billiondollarprincesss said:

Summer so far is good and i like the blue one best!


Josiane said:

You must be so happy to finally be done with the move and having everything in one place! Good luck with finding the unavoidable little things still hiding in boxes (or boxes hiding in corners) here and there…
All three of those inks look awesome. I’d be delighted to have the opportunity to write letters using such lovely inks!


Erin said:

I am so excited to try the new bleu ocean, I already have the other two, and it is so difficult to decide which one is my favourite, but I think I use Stormy grey more, I’m just waiting for the right pen to clean out so that I can ink up Rouge Hematite again. I’m so glad that so far you’re happy with the move.


Amy said:

Haven’t tried…still quite a newbie. Would love to win and try. Thanks for the chance.


Mano said:

I recently heard about your shop from my Wife who works close by and am really looking forward to visiting soon. These square ink bottles have a beautiful aesthetic, with the rope and wax decal, and I can’t wait to try them out.

Best of luck with the new location!


Aaron said:

We are so lucky to have a shop like Wonder Pens in Canada; where else would we get J. Herbin inks and various iterations of Clairefontaine paper on which to use it! I’ve always loved J. Herbin’s blues, and I’m ecstatic to see that they put this wonderful new blue in a container that (finally) rivals the beautiful Iroshizuku hand-blown glass. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try this ink out, so thank you so much for the opportunity to potentially do so for free!


fionnly said:

Of the three inks, I’ve only tried Rouge Hematite and Stormy Grey so far. I love the gold they lay down in a flex pen, and I’m definitely looking forward to sampling Bleu Ocean because of that too :)


Kristin said:

I live a few blocks away from 906 Dundas St W, so when I first read on your blog that you guys were moving further down east, I was really saddened by the news. But looking at the pictures and comments, I’m glad that the both of you have made progress. Since Toronto is currently experiencing some heavy downpour, I’ll wait until Mr. Blue Sky comes back so I can visit your new store – I’ve been wanting to special order something, so I can’t wait for the awesome trip (though I also love the rain as it gives a crisp air and makes the landscapes look more vibrant after, if you understand what I mean).
J. Herbin makes incredible fountain pen ink. I was dazzled by how their shadings can be of different color, especially the Rouge Hematite – my favorite ink from the brand since it was the first that got me mesmerized (red and gold!). And Stormy Grey – who would’ve thought a monochrome colour can look so enchanting? I know an English teacher who loves blue ink, so maybe the Bleu Ocean would be perfect for his retirement present.

Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee said:

Welcome to the east side! I can’t wait to swing by this week and check out the new space! I haven’t tried any of these inks – have only purchased the noodles and Lamy cartridges before, but I look forward to testing them out. They are beautifully packaged! Thanks for the opportunity!

Stephanie (@seedchan)

Stephanie (@seedchan) said:

I am super excited to visit your new shop! (especially now that you’re about half the distance away than you used to be lol).

I love Stormy Grey – the sparkle is unreal. Unfortunately the version of rouge hematite i got was the non-sparkle one. Thanks for the opportunity!!


Kerry said:

Hello fellow writers,
My favourite is the Blue Ocean by far followed by Stormy Grey with Rouge Hemitite bring up the rear. I love that blue Ocean is so saturated and that you can see the sheen almost all the time even with finer nibs. My fav combo is to have it in with a Blue Lamy Safari with a 1.1 italic nib.


Natalia said:

This is a great idea for a giveaway, I love the Bleu Ocean and the way the blue and gold compliment each other so well. I was so glad to come across WonderPens when I was introduced to fountain pens. I love being able to order from a local family business. I can’t wait until I get a chance to see the new space!


Daniel said:

The rouge hematite would give my horror writing a nice macabre feel :) Can’t wait to see your new place!


Brandon said:

Really excited to visit the new shop!
Haven’t tried any J. Herbin inks yet but that’s definitely on my to-do list!


thyna said:

i cannot wait to be back in toronto and make a stop at your new shop at last! very excited to come (and drag along some friends who are now expressing interest in fountain pens after listening to me ramble about them all the time) (: i haven’t had a chance to try these inks out yet – i’ve barely opened my new iroshizuku and noodler’s inks – but this giveaway is so lovely of you to do. thank you so much!


Judy said:

I ordered my first fountain pen and ink from you this spring and am enjoying using them….I am anxious to visit your new shop. It sounds wonderful. My first ink is brown, I think the red sounds quite delicious for my next venture. Best wishes.


dannytang said:

I’ve never used never used any of the anniversary inks, but I do like other J. Herbin inks such as Vert Olive and Violette Pensé. Congrats on the new location, I’m hoping to drop by this weekend.


Ri said:

I think based on colour I like the Bleu Ocean, just because of the gorgeous blue with the shimmering gold in it. Thanks for the giveaway and I’m excited to pay a visit to the store! :)


isabelle said:

Rouge hématite – a great red. Would love another bottle :)


KC said:

Bleu Ocean would definitely be my favourite. Although Rouge Hematite is a nice colour it’s hard to use it in everyday writing.


Minty said:

Hi there, I hope everything continues to go smoothly at your shop! All three inks are stunning. The pictures of Bleu Ocean remind me of sunlight scattered over waves.


VP said:

Have heard a lot about these inks. Haven’t gotten around to buying one. Hope I win. Congratulations on the move!


minximation said:

Stormy grey and blue ocean both look amazing! Enjoy your new location and look forward to visiting your shop!


minximation said:

Love both stormy grey and bleu ocean! Although think stormy grey would be my go to as something a bit special. Loving being able to walk outside without a zillions layers!
Enjoy your new location and look forward to visiting the shop!

Pira Urosevic

Pira Urosevic said:

My favourite is Stormy Grey. It’s good to read that you are settling in and people are finding you. I’ve been spending the warm days with my 14 week old puppy ~ in particular helping her beat the heat by slowly adding water (over the course of the day) to a wading pool on the deck. She plays with the water stream and jumps about splashing happily, having a blast, and I am always laughing at soggy dog antics ..especially when she decides I’m still dry and she is going to fix that problem immediately! The Water is then scooped out in the evening to water the garden…a chore she also helps with …

Justin Yu

Justin Yu said:

Hello,I like Stormy Grey,something different…I’m working on real estate course and was hoping to finish before summer,now it got a bit delate maybe I’ll take small vacation in warm weather like these before the course starts,lol


Scott said:

Perhaps it is good I don’t live in a province with fountain pens. I would buy too many inks and pens!


Lida said:

I think the rouge hematite is my favourite, although I’d be equally thrilled to try out one of the other two!

Tracey Naylor

Tracey Naylor said:

Sparkles. Sparkles, sparkles, SPARKLES!!! I can’t wait to try them all!! :))

Emile Miramontes

Emile Miramontes said:

Although its been rainy today, I was tempted to walk to the new location. You’re now so close to home, that I’m going to be broke the day after payday each week! LOL Welcome to the neighborhood Wonder Pens. My ink choice would be Stormy Grey, definitely! : )


Joan said:

Congrats on your new location. It’s been a stormy few days here in southeast BC. My favourite, the stormy grey, would match our skies right now. I’m not complaining about the weather because it has been exceptionally dry here this spring. We need the rain. Good luck in your new location.


Trixia said:

Hello Jon, Liz, Super and baby Wonderpens :) Congratulations on the move. You guys definitely made me a fountain pen addict. Thanks for creating Wonder Pens for us Canadians and keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see more wonderful pens (pun intended!), inks, papers and everything else in between to be added to your shop.

Oh and I love the Stormy Grey & am really crushing on the Rouge Hematite :)


Michelle said:

please enter me I’d love to try the blue ocean !


Nancy said:

blue is my favourite ink colour for fountain pens though I’d like to try them all. Good luck with the new shop – I look forward to visiting.


mfranks said:

I’ve been eyeing that Stormy Grey for awhile! I’m glad the new shop is working out so far. I can’t wait to see how you fill up such a nice, large space!


Frowningtea said:

Congrats on the move! Glad to see that everything went relatively well.

I already own Stormy Grey but Rouge Hematite has been on my want-to-try list for a while.

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