Something long missing from the blog were writing samples of the Pilot steel nibs, which come in the Metropolitans, Kakunos, Preras and more.

Pilot nibs are super, and Pilot pens are extremely popular in our shop. They’re smooth and reliable and always have good flow and their extra fine is really extra fine but impressively smooth and consistent. They’re just great pens. The Metropolitan in particular is probably one of our most popular pens, and its metal body gives it a good feel in the hand.

The extra fine steel nib is currently only available on the clear Kakuno, which is also happens to be my favourite Kakuno, but Pilot nibs are friction fit so you can easily swap between pens.

On that note, part of the impetus for this blog post is that we are also now offering Pilot spare nibs separately (and at a great price) in fine, medium and CM (Calligraphy medium). It’s a good way to revitalize a pen that wasn’t doing it for you if the nib size wasn’t right, or if you just damaged the nib but the rest of the pen is still working well.

Top to bottom: Pilot Extra Fine, Pilot Fine, Pilot Medium, Pilot CM (Calligraphy Medium)
The smiley faces on the Kakunos.


I cleaned out and refilled the tester pens from the main shop for this blog post. The pens hadn’t been used in a little while, and it seems like it’s only heading longer and longer into that direction.

It was surprisingly demoralizing to clean out these pens, as though this, of all the other possible signs—Ontario shutting down shops being the most obvious—was the last sliver of hope being extinguished. I’m being dramatic. Hope is not extinguished, we are holding steady, even if I am becoming slightly more unhinged by day.

In any case, the pens are filled again freshly. I’m typically not a black ink person, but because I’m ethically opposed to sending perfectly usable ink down the drain, I’m going to be using the ink in these pens up before cleaning them out to sit clean and dry and waiting to be filled again when the shops open once more.


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March 31, 2020 — wonderpens

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