Lamy Safari Vista Fountain Pen - Clear Demonstrator


Lamy Safari Vista Fountain Pen - Clear Demonstrator
The Lamy Safari line of fountain pens is one of the most easily recognizable fountain pens with its trademark clip and triangular grip. With one of the smoothest nibs in its price range, it has the additional bonus of easily interchangeable nibs. It's a pen in every veteran writer's collection and its price makes it a top choice for new writers. The Safari has been known to withstand all the abuses of a tough workday and is a great everyday pen that will last you for years.

With a clear body and silver finishes.

Compatible with Lamy cartridges (purchase comes with one, additional cartridges sold separately).

Requires a Lamy fountain pen converter to use bottled ink (sold separately).

Available nib sizes: EF / F / M / B / 1.1 / 1.5 / 1.9 or Left-Handed
Please note that the 1.1, 1.5, 1.9 nibs are $3.00 more.

Dimensions: 6.1 inches capped (6.7 inches posted).
Weight: 17g

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kiki B
Lamy Safari Vista fountain Pen

This was a graduation gift for my niece. She loves the look of the clear pen, and the packaging. She told me it writes well and has a good hand feel. I purchased a medium tip.

Love it!

Great first fountain pen!

Mike J.
A real workhorse

Research and recommendations led me to buy a Vista for use in a warehouse. The Bold nib is sturdy enough to write on carbon-less copies and broad enough to write legibly on cartons. It’s a smooth writer with good ink flow. When I need smaller writing, I reverse write. It’s like having two nibs in one!
A few months ago, Lamy’s reputation for durability accidentally proved itself after falling 12 feet onto a concrete floor with the ONLY result being that the cap came off. The pen wasn’t even scratched and continues to work flawlessly.
I wasn’t sure about the large clip at first, but it glides into pockets on cargo pants or dress shirts with ease & stays put without damaging the material.
The design was well thought out and engineered. Kudos to Lamy!
Add that it’s also effortless to maintain & repair, it’s easily the best value pen for the price that I’ve seen.

Great EDC

My only gripe with the pen is how dry and scratchy the extra fine is, Lamy is known to have QC issues with their nibs, so I can't fault the rest of the pen for it. Others may have better luck.

That aside, this pen is great! The plastic feels sturdy and durable, not cheap. The clip is strong. The chrome accents bring the demonstrator look together. Looks awesome with the cartridge (which you can easily refill with a syringe) or the convertor to add some red to the look.

This is a durable, good looking pen for the price, highly recommended.

Katarina K
Great first fountain pen!

I got a Lamy on my 25th birthday because I was interested in using a fountain pen as I noticed I preferred pens with liquid ink in them more than any other type of ballpoint (I was obsessed with Pilot V7's at the time). Upon getting my Lamy it was like an entire new world of writing was available. I could chose which ink to use, the nib size, cartridges or a refillable converter it was amazing. Also I realized how much I would be saving by using a refillable pen instead of making a bunch of garbage and wasting money on disposable pens. I ended up with a medium nib and am totally satisfied with it as it's so smooth. Getting a converter is probably your best bet as it takes me a few days of note taking for me to go through a full converter. Since getting my Lamy I have upgraded though to a Yard-O-Led Viceroy Victorian, but if I never tried the Lamy I don't think I would have tried for something more exquisite.