I’m interrupting our stream (trickle?) of posts from Japan with an announcement about what’s going on in shop: the Traveler’s Notebook Stamp Caravan is here! The stamps have been making their way around the world and through Canada, stopping off at various retailers, who invite their local customers to stop by and use the stamps in their notebooks. We’re excited to be the final shop in Canada—although it’s been hard sitting still and waiting for them to finally arrive at our doorstep.

These stamps are usually only available from one of the Traveler’s Factories in Japan (at Narita Airport, in Nakameguro, or at Tokyo Station), so it’s fun to have a little taste of them here. This is especially timely for us as we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Traveler’s Factory in Nakameguro and meet with Saori Kamei-san, Miho Hashimoto-san, and Atsuhiko Iijima-san.

The stamps will be at the Main Shop at 52 Clinton from now until Saturday, August 24th. No purchase necessary, you can stop by with your Traveler’s Notebook and use any of these you’d like in your notebook. We’ve got a full selection of all the inserts and accessories to browse as well.

On Sunday, August 25th, we’ll be having another Traveler’s Notebook Meet-Up—1:30 to 3:30 pm. With limited space, we would very much appreciate if you could RSVP at studioshop@wonderpens.ca, but we know everyone’s schedules can be busy, so don’t hesitate to call the day of or just stop on by if you’re in the neighbourhood.

The shop will be open for browsing, but of course if there’s something particular you want to pick up, particularly from the Main Shop, you should email ahead of time or place an order online for an in-store pick-up at the Studio Shop for the event.

We’ll have some extra special supplies, including the Caravan stamps, and treats, and it will be an informal and casual event. As always, we’ll start off sharing about how we each use our notebook(s). Afterwards, we’ll have time to journal, snack, chat, and occasionally stroke Chicken, should he decide to make an appearance. It’s a lovely way to get inspired or find tips on how to make different inserts or set-ups work for you, and just to connect with other analogue souls.

It will also be timely for me personally because while I’m still in Hong Kong as I write this, I am due to arrive back in Toronto just before the 25th, barring anything crazy happening. Things are looking a bit hairy here in Hong Kong with the political situation, and things at the airport even more precarious, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed to make it back in time, without losing any luggage or children on the way. I could not bear to miss such an event, and am very much looking forward to spending some time with you all, back home, organizing the different pieces of my own Traveler’s Notebook that have come together over the last two months of travel.

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Safe travels, Liz!

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