It’s been a long time coming—a plague can only stop us for a couple of months!—and a very, very difficult secret to keep tight on, but we are so excited and proud to announce that we’re now a Partner Shop for Traveler’s Company.

You can read about our shop and some of our recommended travel spots on their website here as well as browse some of the other great Partner Shops and their travel spots to add to your travel lists. If you’re local to us here in Toronto, you might recognize some of the travel spots that we picked—it was a tough choice, narrowing things down. And it was a lot of fun to trek around the city and take pictures of some of our favourite places. It’s a bit of a double take for me to scroll through the photos from last fall, and it’s already fall again. Time is fickle.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to a Traveler’s Notebook meet up soon, although I’m not sure what that will look like, when things as intimate and informal as journaling together will happen again.

Being a Partner Shop means we’ve started to carry some of the Traveler’s Factory exclusive items in our brick and mortar. Right now only the Main Shop is open, but once the Studio Shop is open, we’ll be carrying them there as well. Please stop by and take a look! We won’t be carrying it online, but here’s a little sneak peek at a few of the exclusive items we’ll be carrying. Black paper inserts, airplane clips, cloth organizers. Eek!

We can dream!
Here we are at the factory last summer. A million years ago! Here’s the blog post if you want to see more photos.
Our Traveler’s Notebook wall before the pandemic. Squeezing a few things together to add our new Traveler’s Factory exclusive items.

All of the new accessories are so much fun, and the excitement of indecision and small ways to make our Traveler’s Notebooks more customized and special are a much-needed treat in this time. But we’re mostly just thrilled to be a Partner Shop. Everyone on the team at Traveler’s Company is so lovely and sweet and creative and thoughtful, and it’s reflected throughout all of their products, collaborations and philosophy. The Traveler’s Notebook has been a mainstay of our shop from its tiny infanthood to its current hobbled state, and the connections we’ve made with our customers and visitors who are Traveler’s Notebook users is unique.

I love how much Traveler’s Company values and celebrates traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new things, using analogue tools, but how in this time of the global pandemic, they are still celebrating what it means to connect with local shops and people around the world. There is no replacement for actually setting foot in a new country, riding the trains, tasting street food, scribbling things down in our notebooks, but we can celebrate small joys and make plans in the meantime.

What a wild ride seven years of a stationery shop and a pandemic have been. We are so excited for what’s ahead, and all of the unexpected detours and adventures along the way.

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August 20, 2020 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

So excited to carry them! Hope to see you soon :)


wonderpens said:

I’m so sorry! ? Traveler’s Company designed these items and this program specifically for brick and mortar local shops. We would if we could!!


wonderpens said:

Thank you so much!! We are so thrilled. It’s been a hard secret to keep—-because it’s so exciting? Because I’m terrible at keeping secrets?? How amazing that you have your own personal secret shopper. :)


Sandy said:

Looking forward to make the journey into the City and to your shop!
Excited to see the new items from the Traveler’s Company line.


Nadine said:

You Won’t be carrying these special delicacies Online!!?!?! Gasp! No!!! How can it be so? !


Claire said:

This is SO exciting! Congrats, you guys!! TN is my favourite stationery brand and you guys are my favourite stationery shop. So happy for you! I live overseas so I will have to Facetime my mom every time she goes into the shop so I can tell her which exclusive items to get! ;)


Andrée said:

Ho! You won’t sell Traveler’s on line.? So sorry.


wonderpens said:

Hello! Yes, we are excited to offer the line in our brick and mortar, as it was a line designed by Traveler’s Company to be offered in local brick and mortar Partner Shops around the world. We are sorry we can’t offer it more widely, but we hope the spirit of the Traveler’s Notebook and traveling to local shops will one day bring you to our neighbourhood!

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