One of the newer pieces that The Superior Labor has released is their Utility Case, available in four different leather colours. I recently brought it on a camping trip to hold my bulkier stationery supplies and of course I loved it. I’m going to share what I brought in my case soon, but before then I thought I would share some more detailed photos of the case itself and the colours available.




They are solid sizes, chunky, and when filled, a good heft in the hand. The case itself has some weight, with the leather and the zippers. It’s three-dimensional, rather than a flat portfolio that expands from the centre the more you fill it, so it can hold a surprising amount, especially if your items tetris nicely inside.




The zippered pocket on the left expands a bit—the fabric is loose, and on the right is a pocket that’s covered with a flap, perfect for pens and utensils.


The zippers on the outside are brass and heavy duty, meant to last along with the leather. The whole thing is constructed with so much attention to detail, each stitch is perfectly in place. I waffled for a while between the natural and the light brown, ended up with the natural, hoping for it to slowly warm up over time as I use it.







I know one customer has used it to hold embroidery supplies, and you could also use it to hold a bunch of smaller tech gear, wires, ear pods, cell phones. General supplies like snacks and moisturizer, an extra face mask, gum, lip balm.


For mine, its inaugural trip out of the house was camping, but I also can’t wait to bring it with me to a cafe, or the park, with journaling supplies and washi tape.




We came back from our camping trip, mosquito bitten and smelling of campfires, Caleb having roamed into the brush on his own, and returned a different human, Naomi having eaten her weight in marshmallows. More to come! I’m trying to get organized, which is maybe just me grasping at straws.


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July 07, 2021 — Liz Chan



Heidi said:

The Superior Labor makes such beautiful cases! I have the pen roll and the pen & wallet case and treasure them both. The new utility case looks super useful, especially for travel. I wonder though what size notebooks might fit inside the case along with pens, etc. Would a standard A6, like the Stalogy 365 days or Midori A6 series, fit comfortably in the utility case? Thanks so much for the blog post!

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