We made a new cat friend, we being all of the humans. Chicken is ambivalent. It’s a bit ironic, I suppose, that during this endless pandemic, it’s Chicken who makes a new friend.


I thought this was the cat that I’ve seen Chicken playing with and chasing around in the lane way but here, with this grey stripey cat in our yard, it appears as though Chicken has no idea who this cat is and has no interest in interacting with him. I suppose that’s sort of how Chicken is with everyone, so it’s tough to tell.


I’m loving having this cat come around every once in a while. I may be projecting, but I feel like it’s good for Chicken to interact with one of his own kind, maybe pick up some more normal cat behaviours. This new cat is extremely friendly, always looking to rub up against a leg, to give a little sniff.








An absolute beauty.

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May 14, 2021 — Liz Chan


alan ritchie

alan ritchie said:

I love these pictures.


Steve said:

There are some interesting — do I hear “uncanny”? — parallels between your description+photos and the 2014 3-part BBC series on ‘The Truth about Cats’, currently airing on Amazon Prime Video. The third episode in particular could have included Chicken & the new arrival as another example of the territorial overlap that is the primary theme of the episode. More detail here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5115388/.

Please continue the updates on Chicken +/- new friends.

Jim MacDougall

Jim MacDougall said:

We once cat-sat with “Tikka” for a while. She was set in her ways so she stayed at home and chose to tolerate us entering her kingdom once or twice a day to feed, freshen water and supposedly keep her company. Chicken facing the wall reminded me of her, when we arrived she’d face the wall. “Oh the caterers are here. Just leave the food and go.” We’d often bring dinner and eat there to try and at least keep her company. One evening we brought curry and with the smell in the air she was a different cat, rumbling and purring, mewing a little.

When her human returned, we told them about the curry. She said her sister who’d passed away a few years prior had been Tikka’s original human and her sisters favourite food until the end had been … curry. We’d accidentally brought Tikka a memory of an old friend and that’s when my heart broke in several shards.

Cecily Walker

Cecily Walker said:

I hope Chicken’s had his shots!


Phil said:

Mr. (or is it Ms.?) Grey is a beauty. Our two cats have been a great help to us during the plague induced isolation. Enjoy your communications – thanks – keep well.


Emily said:

This documentation of Chicken’s aloofness is priceless.

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