Jon got the team some Wonder Pens t-shirts just for fun a few weeks ago, and he's been wearing his everywhere - to the gym, to groceries, to walk the dog. It's been surprising and fun to see how many people want to get a Wonder Pens shirt of their own! And who could blame them? Their shirts are high quality just like the t-shirts you can get from the fantastic t-shirt suppliers. Of course friends and family, some of whom have been supporting us since Wonder Pens was just a tiny seed, have already been texting where's mine, I am a medium! but it's also been all sorts of wonderful to hear from those of you that we met through the shop, and have been following along with us as we've grown. It's sort of heartwarming to know that people are proud to represent their local pen shop! Here are some photos! You can pre-order them here - if you're ordering to get it shipped online, you can also add other items to your cart, and it will all ship when the t-shirts get in, around 2 weeks. If you're picking it up from the shop, you can either visit us in the shop, or order online and select in-store pick-up. We'll let you know when they all come in! If you're international, just send us an e-mail, and we'll take care of you! It will be around $18.50 CAD ($14.50 USD) for shipping, which includes tracking and insurance. We will be ordering a few extra to have around the shop, but we won't be carrying these regularly. Maybe our next run will be a different colour! Here's Jon in the mens' t-shirt, wearing a medium. The mens' version will have the dark rings around the sleeves and collar.
Wonder Pens T-Shirt
And here I am in the womens' t-shirt in a small. I am normally an XS, but the small is the smallest size they carry in this model, and it's very small (if you've ever seen me, you know). Sorry this is such a weird picture of me - I'm a very self-conscious person! Especially when it's Jon who's the photographer.
Sizes S
















Wonder Pens T-shirt
And of course we also had to get a kids' version! I wanted it to say Wonder Pens Baby, but Jon said it cost too much to get a different one just for Caleb, especially since he's going to grow out of it before we blink. This is Caleb in the 2-year version. Spilled water not included.
Wonder Pens T-Shirts
The kids' t-shirt will actually be black with white writing! The grey for the kids was too light, and I think the white writing doesn't show up very well. This is just a sample to see how the t-shirt will look! Grey will not be an option - all of the kids t-shirts will be black. Unfortunately there is no smaller size! No adorable onesies or t-shirts smaller than 2 years, so I guess it was a lucky time for us to get these t-shirts. And just for fun, Jon got me a neon yellow tank top! You all know how much I love my neon-lime Safari, which has been inked up with Lamy Dark Lilac since we got the Dark Lilac in, and this is just perfect.
It's a bit ironic since I'm a bit of an attention-dodging kind of person, because wearing this makes me look like a pylon. You have to see it in person, but this thing is bright.


In other news, the cat has some sort of hair loss issue! Super has always been a very robust animal, and most of his vet visits have had to do with something dumb he's done on his own (like eating a giant box of raisins, or tearing his dew claw while very spastically trying to chase a ball playing fetch), but this is our first cat! We've had litter box worries, and dog-eating-cat worries, and is-our-cat-too-small worries, and now the cat is losing hair!

Chicken, the cat, started losing a bit of fur along his nose and snout, and so we brought him in to the vet. That was our second vet visit because the first time the vet said he was too small to be vaccinated, which I guess ended up for the best because we needed to bring him back to take a look at the fur.

The vet took a look and said he wasn't too sure what it was! He ran some tests but nothing common came back, like ringworm or common fungal things. The vet suggested not to touch that area in case it's contagious, and so we're coming back next week once the vet gets something in to run different tests. That's been tough for everyone, except maybe Jon, as the cat is definitely a snuggler, and he's been screeching in protest at being kicked off the bed.

This past week, the cat has developed another patchy spot on his side! He's still romping around and chasing flies and eating lots, but every time I take a closer peek at his impending baldness, I have to worry about what's going on with him. I guess since it doesn't seem to bother the cat at all, we're just sitting tight until the vet gets his new stuff in.


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June 22, 2016 — wonderpens


Alvin B Ko

Alvin B Ko said:

Got my shirt in the last week; thanks so much!


Anonymous said:

So glad it arrived safely! And also so glad you will be representing WP in the US! :)


Anonymous said:

We’ve tried a few different types of food, including wet food, which he loves. His poops seem to have hardened up a bit actually with less wet food, although that could be coincidence with growing a bit older, or becoming a bit more accustomed to his new environment? Fingers crossed he’s all settled in! Thanks for sharing :)


Jason said:

Will you produce anything with a V-neck T-shirt?


Anonymous said:

Maybe! If we get a lot of requests for it, we’ll definitely consider it. We need to do a certain number to keep costs reasonable, so it may have to be a separate run later. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said:

We’ll be placing an order for a few extra of each size to have in the shop, and I expect they’ll still be available for a while, since most people who definitely knew they wanted one would have pre-ordered to make sure they got on in their size. You can definitely stop by the shop and see them in person soon!


Anonymous said:

Maybe! While he does look a bit weird with the missing patches of fur, that would be the best case scenario as at least it wouldn’t be something more serious! Thanks for sharing your experience – having a cat is totally new for us!

Chris S.

Chris S. said:

If your kitty also had loose poops, then might be allergies. Our cat is 14 years old, but took us a while before we discovered she was allergic to dairy(!), so no more bowls of milk and we’ve also switched non-grain, better quality food.

Duncan Urquhart

Duncan Urquhart said:

Hey! Big fan of the store and what you’ve had to offer, looking at getting a shirt, but I won’t be able to the end of the month, how long are you guys running this?



Might be feline Dermatitis maybe? My Cat has had issues with that often. It gave him sort of scabby looking areas on his skin that of course had no fur as a result.

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