One of my favourite new desktop accessories is the new Classiky drawer box that we got in a few weeks ago. I've been playing around with exactly where I want it - on my desk, on one side or the other, on my cabinet's open shelving - but it has definitely become a fixture around my writing space, and I love it.
We've had a few questions about the new Classiky drawer box, in part probably because I ordered only a few units, and now they've all sold out! It's a bit hard to picture the size relative to other things without being able to see it in person, so I thought I would share a few more photos, and also share how I'm using it.  In the photo above, the notebooks on top are a passport Midori, and on the desk beside it are B5 size, which is larger than A5. I realize now that B5 is not exactly a very well-known size, although it's my personal preference. The measurements are officially: Dimensions: 22cm x 22cm x 25cm Drawer heights from bottom to top: 12cm, 7cm, 4cm
 It's sort of a great balance between being small enough to properly house office supplies and accessories (without them getting lost in a deep drawer), and being big enough to hold what you need.
Classiky Wooden Box Desktop Tools Stationery Canada Toronto
My top shelf is for stamps, which I admittedly don't use very often, but I'm trying to use more. I see a lot of super creative folks using stamps on their snail mail or in their journaling, but I don't quite have that magic touch yet. I think I just need to convince Jon to set me loose in a stamp shop one day.
Classiky Wooden Box Desktop Tools Stationery Canada Toronto

The second drawer is the perfect height for washi tapes, and I can only assume Classiky did this intentionally because everyone needs some washi in their life. I can name a few turning points in my life (meeting Jon, having Caleb, opening the shop), and discovering washi tape is right up there. This fraction of my complete collection is here for posterity - I was forced to pick favourites to fit into this drawer, but know that I love them all.

Classiky Wooden Box Desktop Tools Stationery Canada Toronto

And my third, deepest drawer is for my camera stuff. I've had and loved my Instax for a long time, but also recently got a Polaroid Zink printer, which prints sticker photos from your phone. It's great! I love it! I am planning on sharing more about that soon, but of course the main idea is that I can print out photos I've taken with my phone - I still prefer how the Instax pictures print and look and feel, but it's great to be able to easily print out pictures from my phone (and for a lot less money).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Sorry to share this picture again! But here the drawer box is on my desk with everything else. Even when I have to clear everything else off (and my box for desk top tools is tucked away on top of my desk drawers underneath the table top!), I leave my drawer box for all my tiny treasures.

I was also considering putting a little pen tray on the top drawer so I could put my pens in it, but I like to carry around all of my inked pens with me in my pen roll, so not yet. I also considered using it for storing cleaned and empty pens, however, I like the idea of using the drawers for accessible and often-used items, rather than storing something that could go in a box on a shelf away.

I'm sorry to have planned this post for now, since we are out of stock! I hope this gives you something to think about while we wait for it to come back into stock, in the next three to four weeks, especially as this is a piece that is a bit of an investment for your desktop. You can sign up for in-stock e-mail notifications here, but you can always send me an email ( if you want me to put one aside for you when they come in.


In other news, summer is here and it's toasty warm! I love walking outside in the heat and finding shade and walking in the grass barefoot and eating ice cream. Caleb's classes are mostly wrapping up for their spring sessions, and I'm not sure if I'm going to take a break for the summer and enjoy not having to wake up early to lug him from here to there, or if I'm going to sign him up for a summer class. Caleb takes a weekly gymnastics class which is his favourite and my least favourite, mainly because he is a loose and slightly embarrassing cannon. He just beelines around from trampoline to the bars to the water break table, completely oblivious to the instructions at hand and where literally every other kid in the class is. It's incredible to see all the other kids managing to follow along with what they're supposed to be doing, and my kid off on the other side of the room, trying to convince his mama to come to his aid in swinging off the bars.
Everyone's on the trampoline! Where's Caleb? I showed this picture to Jon as evidence of my future as the parent who has to give the teacher completely ridiculous and amazing Christmas presents likely involving alcohol, and he laughed, as only a parent who doesn't actually have to attend the class with the child could. Jon and I are supposed to be taking some time off over these next few weeks so the team can practise for when we're gone on our train trip, but I think it's really so Jon and I can practise not being attached to the shop 24/7. Jon is trying to plan our trip around the time zone differences so he conference call in for meetings while we're gone, but maybe we'll try it from a cafe down the street first. You know how exciting these days off can get...

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June 18, 2016 — wonderpens



wonderpens said:

This is good to know! I think we will be trying to keep up, especially since it seems like Caleb really loves being able to try the different equipment, like the balance beam, and the bars, and of course the trampoline. I keep saying Jon needs to come because I’m pretty sure Caleb is more scared of Jon than me, haha!


wonderpens said:

Every birthday is significant! ;)

We are looking at other carriers and I’m hoping to get a blog post going later this afternoon on what’s going to happen in case Canada Post goes on strike. We will get it to you somehow! :)

Chris S.

Chris S. said:

Keep with the gymnastics! We did for our son, and it was great for strengthening, flexibility, and co-ordination. Perhaps in short time, the “discipline” might kick in…

Chris S.

Chris S. said:

Going with a friend really helps for motivation, for you and for Caleb.

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

This beauty is going on my wish list…I have a “significant” birthday coming up later this year, I’ll have to drop a hint or two to my better half. :)

Will you be able to ship by alternate means in the event of a mail strike?

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