The TWSBI ALR Purple was released last week and what a beauty. I fluctuate between being slightly behind the ball to being extremely behind the ball and so I’m sorry to say it’s already mostly gone, but we are expecting a new shipment imminently, hopefully by the end of the week.*

The ALR-Purple is a special edition of the ALR line, which is just slightly different from the standard 580 AL. Here’s a blog post with some of the differences between the AL and the ALR. It's a metallic purple, not too bright, but still there.


In any case, in celebration of a new TWSBI, we thought we’d share some of our staff TWSBIs and inks. Everyday is sort of TWSBI day around these parts, and I think most of our staff have at least a few if not several TWSBIs. New TWSBI, meet the rest of the family. It's sometimes hard to resist when a new one comes out, and before you know it, you've got one for every season and occasion.

Most of these staff TWSBIs are in fact TWSBIs past, former special editions, which I suppose is part of the fun of fountain pens.

Brendan: ECO Lime Green Fine with Kyo No Oto Adzukiiro
Elaine: Mini AL Blue Extra Fine with Sailor Souboku
Sarah: 580 AL Green Broad with Sailor Waka-Uguisu
Liz: Mini Al Gold Fine with Diamine Ancient Copper
Amber: ECO Pink 1.1 with Sailor Kobe No. 14 Maya Lapis
Jon: Precision Fine with Platinum Forest Black
Dylan: Vac Mini with Noodler’s Apache Sunset
Josh: ALR Purple with Bungubox Seiya Silent Night

You can see that as a staff we are quite partial to Japanese inks, although surprisingly for me at least, it’s myself and Dylan as outliers. I am generally a fan of Sailor inks, but have a soft spot for Diamine and also J. Herbin.

Brendan: ECO Lime Green with Kyo No Oto Adzukiiro
Sailor Souboku Writing Sample Toronto Canada
Elaine: Mini Al Blue with Sailor Souboku
Here's an old blog post on Souboku. A real favourite of mine, especially when I need a permanent ink. The shading!
Sarah: 580 AL Green with Sailor Waka-Uguisu (it looks slightly browner here than I think it usually does, but that could be a combination of lighting and my imagination?)
Diamine Ancient Copper Writing Sample Toronto Canada Fountain Pen Ink
Liz: Mini AL Gold - Diamine Ancient Copper
Sailor Kobe No. 14 Maya Lapis Writing Sample Toronto Canada Fountain Pen Ink
Amber: ECO Pink with Sailor Kobe No. 14 Maya Lapis
Platinum Forest Black Fountain Pen Ink Writing Sample
Jon: Precision with Platinum Forest Black
Here’s a blog post to all of the Platinum Iron Gall Inks - I’d forgotten how much I like them.
Noodler's Apache Sunset Writing Sample Toronto Canada
Dylan: Vac Min with Noodler's Apache Sunset
Bungubox Seiya Silent Night Writing Sample
Josh: TWSBI ALR Purple with Bungubox Seiya Silent Night
TWSBI Toronto Canada

In any case, that's us!

At the shop, we talk to customers all the time about different pens, and TWSBI is a popular one. It's always fun to see what everyone else has picked to ink up with, whether they like to match the inks to their pens or if they've got fun colours.

TWSBI Canada


*Sometimes I’m so far from the ball it’s like I’m ahead of the next ball, which is not so bad.

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June 02, 2019 — wonderpens

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