I have been eagerly awaiting this line of inks, Platinum Classic Inks, to arrive to the shop: a line of earthy-coloured Japanese inks in beautiful packaging - how can I resist. I'm always on the lookout for brown inks, especially permanent ones, and this is line of iron gall inks - which are water resistant and become more so over time - has two beautiful ones, a Sepia Black, which is more of a grey brown, and a Khaki Black, which has hints of red/orange to it.
Platinum Classic Inks Toronto Canada Wonder Pens
Platinum Classic Inks Toronto Canada
The inks are, from top to bottom: Platinum Sepia Black PLatinum Khaki Black Platinum Forest Black Platinum Citrus Black Platinum Lavender Black Platinum Cassia Black These inks all get darker with time - iron gall inks have elements that oxidize and darken - hence each ink ends with "black." I'm not sure if they're going to darken all the way to black, or stop at a certain point, but you should be prepared for some colour change from when they hit the page - this is actually my favourite characteristic of the inks! I love that it's a bit of a mystery and change on the page from what you put down.
Platinum Classic Ink Sepia Black writing sample Wonder Pens Toronto
Platinum Classic Sepia Black  
Platinum Classic Khaki Black writing sample Wonder Pens Toronto Fountain Pens
Platinum Classic Forest Black Writing Sample Wonder Pens Toronto Fountain Pens
Platinum Citrus Black Writing Sample Toronto Fountain Pens
Platinum Classic Ink Lavender Black Writing Sample Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
Platinum Classic Ink Cassis Black
The most noticeable darkening happens with the Citrus Black, it starts off a bright yellow and quickly darkens to an almost olive black green yellow. The yellow is readable, but still very light immediately after you put it down; after even just a few seconds, it darkens noticeably and is definitely readable - and after several hours or days even more so.
Citrus-Black Platinum Classic Ink Toronto Canada
"Classic Ink. It is a water-soluble ink made by blending ingredients derived from plants such as tea leaves wtih iron. It penetrates the paper and solidifies due to oxidation; therefore it is suitable for preserving the documents for an extended period of time as it is highly resistant to light and water. Due to such characteristic, the ink color that is bright when you start writing becomes gradually black as it gets oxidized, which lets you enjoy the progress of changes in color."
TWSBI ECO Toronto Canada
If you're in the shop, we've got tester ECOs with these inks in them for you to try out! This is something new for us, but we're planning on changing up the ECOs every month with a new selection of inks. Let us know how you're liking them, or if you'd like a certain selection or theme of inks for future months. If you're not local, your best bet will be to get samples. I'm loving these inks so far - the subtle colour changes, the permanence, the unusual colours all make it worth it to at least try these inks. I think my favourite has to be the Khaki Black, although the Citrus Black was a dark horse for me - I love an ink with so much shading and colour variation.
Platinum Classic Ink Line Toronto Canada
Old, historical formulas of iron gall inks were a bit aggressive and meant to be used with dip pens - the danger being corrosion of metal pen parts. Modern formulas, such as Rohrer and Klingner's Salix or these new Platinum inks, have a much gentler formula, and are generally safe for fountain pens - with the caveat that you're careful not to leave these inks in for long periods of time without use. Use caution and care, for example flushing out your pen thoroughly every once in a while, when using iron gall inks, but also remember that pens and inks are meant to be used.


In other news, I found my sandals. You might recognize them from Instagram, if you are observant, or you may have noticed their absence if you are even more particularly observant.
In any case, they went missing. I suspected Caleb of hiding them somewhere, which wouldn't be the first time, and I was even vaguely suspicious that he tossed them in the garbage, but I felt fairly confident that he is aware of the concept of garbage and in any case, he doesn't typically toss random things in (or at least not that I've noticed so far...). I kept telling everyone to keep an eye out for them, and everyone kept saying they would turn up. Jon ordered me an inexpensive pair of flip flops from Amazon to tide me over, but it turned out to be a disaster because he ordered me the cheapest pair which were shipping from somewhere in Asia, and it took two months to come in - the entire duration of which I kept pestering everyone to keep an eye out. I kept accusing him of forgetting and not having even ordered them, which is why it was taking so long, considering we have Amazon Prime, and he kept saying "no, no, they're coming, just wait." In any case the flip flops came in, and it still was not quite the same. For one thing, it was always slightly awkward to be flipping and flopping into the shop in the middle of winter. Birkenstocks, while admittedly still sandals, at least have an aura of mild seriousness, being brown and leathery, that turquoise flapping beach sandals do not. Eventually the conversation gradually shifted to a more chipper "well, now you can get a new pair!" which I took to mean no one was keeping an eye out any more. I was literally on the verge of ordering a new pair of Birkenstocks when we moved the couch in the apartment the other day, and along with finding an unpleasant assortment of various goods, including a very old clementine, we found my sandals.

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March 21, 2017 — wonderpens


Florencio Pribnow

Florencio Pribnow said:

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wonderpens said:

Yikes! I am not a fan of spiders myself, and I get freaked out just my regular daddy long legs, so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that I won’t meet any dock spiders…


wonderpens said:

I’m glad I found them too! They’re a bit worn, but I hate to replace something that doesn’t quite need it yet.

And yes, the inks are gorgeous!


Diane said:

Curious about how these inks look now that it’s been a month or so. Would love to see some photos of the original samples, especially that citrus!


wonderpens said:

Great idea! I will try to get my act together to get some updated photos on the swabs!

Chris B

Chris B said:

So if I wanted to load up a pen with this ink would you recommend just buying something like an ECO, or Pilot Metro, Jinhao or other “cheap” pen to house this ink? or would you say it would be fine in something “nicer” like a Pilot Custom, 580AL, provided you were willing to flush the ink once per month.


wonderpens said:

If you want some more freedom to just leave it in and not be too worried, a cheaper pen might be a good idea, however I’ve got it in my Pilot Custom 92 and my Platinum 3776, and I’m not overly concerned – I’m not a huge fan of inks that I have to be really worried or fussy about. I will definitely take care not to leave it in too long, and I’m keeping some care to make sure I’m using them – I think having flow will help counteract ink sitting against the nib for too long. Hope that helps!


wonderpens said:

That’s a great idea for a follow up post, to see how the ink has darkened. I will keep that in mind – stay tuned!

Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter said:

Those are gorgeous inks.

And I am glad to see I’m not the only one who wears sandals in winter. I am glad you found yours. :D

Trevor J.

Trevor J. said:

Loved the colours. Definitely have to try the green. Are you going to post pictures of the samples after the ink has darkened? My wife and I were thinking the inks were gorgeous, but wondered what they looked like after they were closer to the black.


Alex said:

Hey, it could’ve been worse than a clementine. We were once helping clean out the house of an uncle who was moving, and shifted a cabinet to find a very large, and very unhappy dock spider. Relatedly, I am never, ever getting a house anywhere near a body of water.

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