The special edition TWSBI 580 ALR Prussian Blue is now available for pre-order! We are keeping our fingers for them to arrive this week. They sold right out the first time around, and so I’ve been holding onto the photos for a while.

We have a few completionists out there who like to get every special edition, but this one has proved to be quite popular even with the more selective. It’s a nice dark colour, but a little pop still, and one of my own personal favourite editions.

It’s a great colour, and a great match for something like Iroshizuku Ku Jaku or J. Herbin Vert de gris. I ended up putting in J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie, which is a tried and true favourite.

In any case, we’ve been keeping busy. The shop is slowly starting to come together for our in store browsing re-opening (Friday August 7), which is thrilling. It’s fun to see how items that we started carrying after we closed down the shop are being displayed. In many ways, we are a different shop. More details to come. We can’t wait to see you all.


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August 03, 2020 — wonderpens

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