It’s always very exciting to add a new line in, particularly when it’s something completely new to our shop. While we’ve carried washi tape for a while now, these little booklets of washi tape strips from KITTA in Japan are great.

These KITTA booklets are super convenient for tucking into a pocket of your Traveler’s Notebook or the back pocket of your Leuchtturm. They fit inside a credit card slot, so if you have something that normally holds cards, this will fit. While we’re not really traveling much these days, you could bring one or two of these sliding flat into a pen case, rather than having to bring rolls.

But of course I just really love the designs. Some of these are special or limited editions, things to enjoy while we have them.

There are also some stickers! My favourite are these sheets of cat stickers.

In any case, it’s always fun to get new things in. It’s rough trying to pick favourites, but also very exciting.

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Currently dreaming about: kids who don’t leave their toys everywhere. Also kids who don’t rub their hands on the walls as they walk along it, leaving a general dark smudge along the length of the walls at child height. Also kids who say things like “mmmm so yummy!” Every time I cook them food.
Also currently dreaming about: those fish tacos in those chewy wraps from the fish and chips place that was around the corner from Carlaw
Chicken’s current mood: salty

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July 27, 2020 — wonderpens


Philip Akin

Philip Akin said:

I believe that the fish and chips place is open for take out.


wonderpens said:

IT IS. I’ve been trying to hint at Jon to drive out there to pick up some take out, but he’s a fortress. I miss the old neighbourhood!


TJ said:

Oh, these look cool. I have been using the Stalogy large circles to mark off long weekends and vacation days (sometimes the Classiky Goldfish) , but these might be nice for a change!


wonderpens said:

They’re support portable, but I also really like the designs! Hope you enjoy :)

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