We carried a few of these stamp sets over at the studio shop, and we’re now carrying all four of them online.

Each set is designed around a theme, and comes with all the parts and pieces that you can put together to build different worlds, along with a two-colour stamp pad. They also have a little pamphlet with some examples, which is very helpful to get you started, to see how the shapes can go in different ways, or to mix and match body parts, fins, legs, leaves.

The original set was the Stampville set, designed by illustrator Aurelian Debat, and has geometric shapes that allow you to create three dimensional buildings and villages. This one is Caleb’s favourite, and is unique from the other ones because the shapes give you the opportunity to think in 3D, with perspective. This is a new concept for Caleb in his drawing, so it was fun to see him off with the stamps.

Since then, they’ve released a few other sets, like Stamp Bugs.

Also Sea Stamps, which is a personal favourite of mine. There is something about the water, the mysteries of the deep, the ocean.

And Stamp Garden, which is perfect for this season, decorating snail mail or your journal, if you’re keeping track of your plants or garden.

In any case, these are a lot of fun. It’s a great activity to do with your children because there’s enough for both adults and kids to keep creative. Really little ones will need some help, but Caleb (5) had fun on his own. Use it to decorate letters you’re sending to grandparents, journaling, or creative a mural for your wall. You can paint or watercolours, markers, stickers.


In other news, I was feeling a bit off, and attributing it to a lack of vitamins from a diet of mostly stale bagels, coffee and late night fried eggs, I ate a salad, which (shockingly) did not help in any way. Jon recommended a Coke, which I normally don’t drink much of, but let me tell you did that ever do the trick.

Hope you are all staying well and well-energized.

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May 09, 2020 — wonderpens



Aldo said:

These are wonderful sets of stamps. I really hope to see more variations in the near future.


Anonymous said:

They’re a lot of fun. I imagine they will come out with more sets in the future? I also look forward to seeing what they come up with!

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