We got some new stuff in from Classiky. It's always exciting to see the boxes coming in from Japan. It's different from when you're expecting a big shipment of the new special edition Lamy Safari, and you sort of know what you're going to get, although you're excited to see it in person. Classiky shipments are always full of so many different small treats and fun things and surprises. While some of our favourite things get discontinued, there are always new things, and it's nice to have an excuse to pore over their catalogues.

Along with restocking a lot of old favourites, like the Tool Boxes and washi tapes, we have lots of new things in. We also brought in a few enamel mugs!

We restocked most of the boxes, although those always move quickly, and we also got in this new Chestnut Sewing box, with lots of little drawers.
The set of blue tapes on the Rhodia pad are perfect for the summer, taping up sandwiches or cookies in waxed paper, or your snail mail, and also come in a red version.
There are two thicker packing tapes--kraft adhesive tapes. They tear with your fingers easily, but aren't the same material as washi tape. Good for wrapping large gifts, shipping parcels, decorating boxes.

I don't know what it is with me and washi tape. It's just a thing. I can't explain it. I have a lot of it and yet I always need more. Oh, that looks nice. Hmm, I could use some more cats. In fact, just yesterday, I used some to tape up a book cover Naomi had half torn off. I used to be a bit precious about my favourite ones, but over the years I've come to realize that there will always be more favourite ones and new ones and new designs. My own tastes and preferences change over time, and very little lasts forever. I should use it while I have it and love it.

My absolute favourite of all the things that have come in: this cat washi. Cats reading?? Yes. I'm putting it everywhere.

We also got in the new Traveler's Factory Green tools, and they look great. Both Amber and Elaine on the team can vouch for the flow and writing of the new Rollerball which takes fountain pen standard international ink cartridges (!), but I went with the classic fountain pen, and also the bullet pencil. I've been waiting for these since their announcement a few months ago, and I love the green paint on the brass.
Stickers! Rolls of cat faces, which is exactly what we need to get through the day. They come in small and large, just like life's emergencies. Still waiting for the extra-large stickers to come in.


It's supposed to rain over the next couple of days, so I got some laundry out earlier this morning. It happened to be a load of shop cloths, and what a sight, all of those ink splotches and stains, flapping in the breeze. Zhivago? Blu Mare? A hint of Violette Pensee? It's an interesting thought, how many pens have these cloths wiped off, ink spills soaked up, glass windows sprayed and scrubbed, hands dried. We have dozens and dozens of them in the shop, and the odd time we lose one or two, one has to be sacrificed to something gross or a customer brings one away as a souvenir, and every once in a while we have to get another 20 or 30, and the bright, fluffy whites mingle in with the veterans.

In any case, as you can see, the loopiness comes and goes. I've been finding more time for journaling and writing, I've even cracked open a new notebook (more to come!). It's a Leuchtturm. With the recent influx of some fresh new tapes, I'm digging out some of my favourite old ones that have gotten buried in the last few months, and journaling in the sunshine with open windows and little hands about.

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May 16, 2020 — wonderpens

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