We’ve carried Mitsubishi pencils in the studio shop since it opened, and we’ve slowly migrated them over to the main shop. They’re of course online now, but I thought I would share my favourite ones since you can’t come in and try out all the pencils in person.

From top down:

Mitsubishi Recycled Coloured Pencil - Vermillion and Prussian Blue - this is great for editing and notes. I use it for marking things up, homeschooling, in my planner.
Mitsubishi 9800EW - A true classic. I guess I should say the 9800 is the original classic, and then the 9800EW is the recycled version, with natural wood. The glossy dark green on the 9800 is very nice, but I like natural wood finishes. The Matureddesignation refers to the graphite.
Mitsubishi 9850 - HB - with an eraser! A superb all around pencil, with a glossy finish, burgundy finish. I might send Caleb to school with these.
Mitsubishi Kohitsu Shosha Angle Pencil - 4B - this is a bit soft for long writing sessions, but it is a joy to write with. It is buttery and dark.
Mitsubishi 9000 - Like the 9800, another pencil for “general writing.” I have a few of these kicking around my desk.

Japanese pencils in general tend to write a bit softer and a bit darker, which I love. It can be extremely satisfying to write with a pencil, especially if your paper has a bit of texture. It’s a Sophie’s choice in the world of stationery, if you should get smooth fountain pen friendly paper, or textured paper that gives you some feedback when writing with pencils. Ah, the agony of indecision. (Midori MD notebooks are probably my choice if you’re a fan of using both. The Traveler’s Notebook refills also have a lot of options—sketch paper, lightweight Tomoe River paper, etc., which is part of what makes them so great!)

From left to right, the Mitsubishi 4B, a Blackwing 602 for comparison, 2B and HB.
The lead on a 4B.
One of the best things about Mitsubishi pencils is their boxes.

As a shop that sells fountain pens that are often $30 or more, my favourite thing about pencils is that they’re so inexpensive and consumable. While Blackwing pencils can be a bit more of a special treat, Mitsubishi pencils are surprisingly cheap and exceptionally good value. Despite not being able to come in to the shops these days, it’s fun and easy to pick up a few Mitsubishi pencils just to try out. In a similar but different way from fountain pens, the writing experience of a pencil is so unique and tactile.

And, you have the satisfaction of seeing its use as the pencil gets shorter and shorter. There is nothing like the feeling productivity these days.

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April 29, 2020 — wonderpens


Kimberly Millward

Kimberly Millward said:

My favourite thing about the 9000 is the “made by elaborate process” imprint on the side. I was really happy to see these online, I threw a few in my cart just the other day when I bought a new notebook. Wonder pens is my fav, and pencils are my tool of choice 95% of the time, happy to have more options through you guys :)


Anonymous said:

Yes, I love the designs and imprints on the pencils. Pencils are so great and inexpensive to have around, and a great tactile feel when you write or draw with them. Thanks so much for your order—your support really means so much to us.


Anonymous said:

We sure do! You can reach out via email (info@ wonderpens.ca) and we can give you a quote if you’re outside of Canada or the US. Hope that helps :)

Dave Astels

Dave Astels said:

Unfair ;)
This is just poking (with a long point) at my newfound love of pencils.


Anonymous said:

Hah! They are much more utilitarian than perhaps Blackwings, but a lot of fun and great to write with. :)


Anonymous said:

The packaging is so beautiful! So classic and timeless. Those Japanese and their animation and beautiful design. :)


Charmainne said:

I was a bit overwhelmed with all the choices when I saw it on the online shop so this is a very informative blog! Also, I didn’t know that the lightweight paper insert for Travelers Notebook used Tomoe River paper. That’s good to know!

William Self

William Self said:

Agreed that the packaging is a thing of beauty. I often don’t have the heart to break up a set, so I’ll buy additional one-off pencils so I can leave the original packaging with contents intact.

One of the things I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that Uni Mitsubishi Pencil is in no way affiliated with Mitsubishi – the Japanese conglomerate consisting of Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Electric, and so much more. And despite this, their logos are exactly the same?!?! Either way – love the pencils and other related stationery!


Anonymous said:

I’m so glad you found it helpful! There are a lot of pencils and it’s hard to know where to begin sometimes. Yes! I love that TN has so many options for paper, and especially that there is a Tomoe River option.

Happy writing!


Tricia said:

Ohh love these pencils! Do you post them overseas?

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