TWSBI has really been on a roll lately, having just released the ECO White RoseGold. Before that they had released four new standard inks as part of their permanent line-up: black, blue-black, blue and red. In the excitement of the holidays and the new year, I’ve haven’t posted about them yet, but the inks are great. Of course they are.

An excellent dark, smooth black. Quite dark.
The red has a bit of a sheen! I inked it up in my ECO White RoseGold, with a fine nib and had been writing with it for quite a while, not noticing any sheen in the writing with such a narrow nib, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it in the swab.
Blue, also with some sheen.
Blue-Black, which is also a modern iron gall ink, which makes it permanent. Always great to have another permanent ink option, especially for office or work notes.

They’re great inks, with nice flow, smooth and feel great coming out onto the page. The bottles are frosted glass, and while it’s all about how the ink performs, it doesn’t hurt when it comes in a beautiful bottle too.

Look at that rose gold nib. What a beauty.
Pens for the writing samples (L-R): Mini AL-Mint Blue, 580 ALR, Mini AL-orange, ECO White RoseGold

Our first shipment of the special edition ECO White RoseGold went quite quickly, but we are expecting another shipment soon, March-April. If you’re interested in having someone sign you up for an email notification, you can email or you can let someone know if you’re stopping by either shop. It’s a beauty. TWSBI is always doing great things, and I can’t wait to see what else is in the queue for the rest of 2020.

And in case you were looking for a little entertainment, here I am with the two Wonder Pens babies, filling up some TWSBIs with these fabulous new inks. Caleb (age 5) has already filled his share of pens, but this was Naomi’s (age 2) first one. I always smile when people tell me they’re nervous about using bottled ink, or they’re worried about how complicated it’s going to be. In life, we handle much, much more complicated physical things: filling the tank in your car, driving your car, making a cup of coffee, changing a diaper, making an omelet. You can do it; we all believe in you.



In any case, we’re deep into winter and I’m surrounding myself with stacks of books and notebooks and various sorts of chocolate snacks at my desk. As much as I’m looking forward to spring, it’s still two months away; I’m trying to embrace this season of cold and bundling up and frosty breathed walks with the dog. It’s hard to believe how quickly days can fly off the calendar, and these sweet days with the kids charging up the stairs wearing capes or schlepping around to music lessons are going to be gone before I know it.

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February 06, 2020 — wonderpens


Andrew Douglas

Andrew Douglas said:

I’m just getting into fountain pens and I’m so excited that you are championing the fountain pen community in Canada. Keep up the great work. I’ll try and drop by next time I’m in Toronto.

One question I have, is the blue/black TWSBI ink the only TWSBI ink that is permanent? I dabble in pen and ink with watercolour and am always on the lookout for more inks.


Anonymous said:

I’m so glad you found us! We are thrilled and grateful to be here, for sure.

Yes, the Blue Black is the only permanent ink—-it’s a modern iron gall formula. Alas, the other three are not permanent.



Wow, the junior pen clerks are coming on strong! What a great video! Is Naomi left-handed, like yours truly? Caleb is a real fountain pen veteran already, isn’t he? This was so much fun to watch!


Anonymous said:

I don’t know if she is left-handed! She really seemed like she was going to be left-handed, although recently she has also been using her right hand. I’m not sure if she is getting better at copying what she sees everyone around her doing, as she’s a real copy-cat, because she does usually seem to prefer using her left hand. I read somewhere that once kids start making x’s with their “writing” it’s a more sure sign of handedness. Naomi is still just making scribbles, marks, o’s, so not sure yet.

Thanks for watching! It’s fun to watch them learn to do these kinds of things, even if I’m occasionally have to clean up a mess. Hah!

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