A new line of gel pens! Uni-ball, unsurprisingly a Japanese pen company, including the much acclaimed Signo and the Jetstream.

The Uniball Jetstream is an iconic pen, and was actually one of my gateway pens before I got into fountain pens. I had always been a kid that enjoyed roaming the aisles of Staples looking at the pens and pencil cases and erasers and supplies, and then in college, I discovered the Jetstream. Ah, what a different world I was in then, just discovering the Jetstream.

And now here we are carrying it in the shop.

Look at us. Look at us! Who would’ve thought? Not me.

Top to bottom: White, Gold, Silver

And the Jetstream! Smooth and lovely, a dark line, great flow. The ink is a hybrid gel/ballpoint ink, called Super Ink, and it writes so well. It’s available in a few different forms, including a rubberized body versus a plastic body, and in different tip widths.

We also have the 0.38 Jetstream in black and blue.

And we also got multi-pens! 3-colour and 4-colour, my favourite one is the 1.0mm because I need all the ink I can get.

In any case, I’ve been using gel pens more and more these days. The back packing operation has some G2s and B2Ps floating around, and when things get hairy and I need to write something really aggressively, better a gel pen than my favourite Sailor.*

Stay tuned for an upcoming list of my personal favourite gel pens. While there may not be any surprises in my list (or maybe there will!), it’s always fun to see what other pens people like. The longer I’ve been in this business, the more I use people’s choice of pens as representations of who they are.

And also, don’t forget, our pen pal match-up is going on. We were supposed to close it yesterday, but we’re going to keep it open until the end of today, in case you were still interested.

New stuff is being added what seems like everyday. I can hardly keep up. Some of it are items that we’ve always carried but just hadn’t gotten online, and some of it are brand new items that we’re bringing into the shop.

We are eagerly awaiting more books! I have been lost in very, very deep rabbit holes looking at book catalogues. I think to myself with all of this madness, if at the very least of it, I can surround Caleb and Naomi with the beautiful pictures and wild stories in books, pencils and paint and paper, we’ll all be okay.


*I’m just kidding, I would never write anything aggressively.

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April 08, 2020 — wonderpens



Michelle said:

Oooooo I have heard about jetstream pens and haven’t tried them yet. They sound like a great writing experience.
Michelle ?


Anonymous said:

They’re great! One day, when we open up again, you can come and test them out in the shops. :)

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