Some of the stickers from the cat set.

I’m tremendously excited about our newest Mystery Packs: stickers!

We carried stickers at the Studio Shop which were pretty popular—they’re great for journaling, planning, teachers, kids, snail mail, school, cheering yourself up. They never migrated over the main shop because maintaining inventory was a nightmare. I’ve always enjoyed stickers in various forms, along with washi tape, and if there was ever a time to convince Jon that manically ordering in large quantities of Japanese stickers is the way to go, this is it. I have raided my small hoard of Santa stickers during this time, which should let you know how serious it is.

We’re offering five different mystery packs of stickers:

Cats: puffy cat stickers, cats on postage stamps, black cats, stripey cats...
Animals: zoo animals, marine animals, pets
Japan: ninjas, sushi, traditional Japanese characters
Unicorn Delight: unicorns, rainbows, glitter
Dinosaurs: dinosaurs, insects, reptiles
Moving Things: trucks, outer space, airplanes, pirates

Each mystery pack of stickers has five sheets based loosely on a theme. Most of these packs will be different, but there may be some duplicates. If you order more than one theme pack at a time, we’ll do our best to make sure there’s variety. We’ll have new stickers and new mystery packs as we go.

Some of the stickers from the Japanese set.

Like our Mystery Pen Surprise packs, this are great to send as gifts to people you know who are hanging out at home and need a little pick me up, families with children, or just to help get through another week. If you order just stickers, you can also send them by letter mail. And, if you’re working from home, no one is going to know if you have a puffy sticker of a sea cow on your meeting notes.

If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know. I tried to convince Jon that we should do a Christmas themed mystery sticker pack, but I was clearly unsuccessful. Not every idea is a winner. (Direct quote from Jon Chan, Encourager.)


In other news, we’re trucking along. That’s basically it, the news for every day. We’re trucking, moving forward, holding steady. I finished a journal insert in my Traveler’s Notebook, which is a record time for me, feeling both a sense of satisfaction and unsettling horror.

After a pretty crazy three weeks, we’ve sort of established new routines. Certain things happen in the morning, like processing orders, or Caleb writing in his journal, and certain things happen sometime vaguely after lunch, like counting inventory from new shipments, loosely supervised child chaos. I’ve vaguely promised Caleb that we can pick up tater tots, from which I take an automatic 50% tariff, including one of the two packages of ketchup, from Cafe Diplomatico across the street on “Fridays,” which we’ve done once in the last three weeks. While we occasionally lose sight of days, Canada Post doesn’t pick up and there’s free on street parking on Clinton on weekends, so we’ve been using both of those as clues to the weekly cycle. All 85 days in a week.

Dinosaur and ninja stickers. Trying to assemble my army against life.


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April 06, 2020 — wonderpens



Nadine said:

Seriously!? I would do cartwheels for a set of Christmas stickers!
Santa dancing, Santa snoozing in a chair, Santa next to a palm tree playing his ukulele…. the possibilities are mind boggling.


Cecily said:

Oh, this is dangerous! I almost wish I didn’t know about this… Thank for bringing this little bit of joy and whimsy to our lives!

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