We got some new Field Notes Memobooks in! There's always something nice about a few boxes of freshly packed notebooks that will just slide into your pockets. And so many of them! Too bad they are all wrapped in plastic, otherwise I could stick my face into the box and breathe in the smell of all that paper.

I have to be honest, Jon is the real Field Notes guy here, although I still have a few packs of the Two Rivers from last year. I'm currently using a Leuchtturm softcover pocket as my everyday pocket notebook, but I just may switch over to a Field Notes because they're so slim, and it's kind of fun to see new covers all the time.

I imagine when you look back over your filled-up notebooks, it's a bit of nostalgia just by looking at the cover - oh yes, that was the summer we went on that trip, or that was the fall when we had just moved.

The paper is not always super for really wet fountain pens (they sometimes change it up from edition to edition), but I'm not afraid of an extra-fine nib, or an occasional pencil or gel pen on the go ;)

We've stocked up on our regular line, and also picked up a few new fancy things. We're now carrying the Cherry Graph, which was once released as a special edition, but then carried over to their regular line. We've had them in store, but we just never got them up online.

Field Notes 'Sweet Tooth' Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

Field Notes just released their spring edition "Sweet Tooth." These cheery notebooks have no rulings, but are coloured to match the cover inside, and also have perforated pages.

We also got these Chicago Memo Books! I have never been to Chicago myself, but much of what I've learned about the city (and, alas, also most of my medical knowledge) has come from many, many episodes of ER. One day, that show is going to come to Netflix, and I'm going to become a zombie for about two weeks.

Chicago Field notes Special editions seasonal editions wonder pens stationery shop wonderpens toronto Canada where to buy

And my favourite has to be these new Flight Log Memo Books!

Field Notes Special Edition Flight Log Special Edition Toronto Canada Wonder Pens Stationery Shop

These are a special edition made in collaboration with Adam Savage from Tested.com, but the best part is that the inside isn't a regular grid or lined ruling, it's a checklist format for people with legitimate checklist needs. Obviously my next step is learning how to fly a plane.

Flight Log Field Notes Special Limited Edition Wonder Pens Stationery Shop Toronto Canada where to buy

And! We got a special request for some of these ballpoints, so we figured we'd bring a few in. I think I've been a bit spoiled by my Parker Jotter - I've swapped out the ballpoint refill for a gel one - but you can beat the price for some of these cuties.

Fun fact: Jon says I should stop referring to stationery items (like the Iroshizuku Mini bottles, or these ballpoints) as "cute" because it might deter manly men from wanting them, but I trust and believe that the manliest men can use cute things no problem-o.


Also, in case you're in the neighbourhood, we've just stocked up our sale cart with a few treats! We've got all sorts of inks in there as we prepare for the spring - Diamine, Noodler's, J. Herbin, Rohrer & Klingner, and even some Pilot Iroshizuku! It's some of my all-time favourite inks, like Lie de the, Plains of Abraham, Alt-Goldgrun, Onyx Black, Shin-Kai and more, at a special price. It's just the ones in our sale cart, so catch them before they're gone!

As usual, it's a bit crazy around here. Caleb and Super have started this "game" where Caleb holds out his food to Super and squeals with glee when Super comes over to sniff at it. Caleb runs away and hides behind someone's legs and then teases Super some more. Caleb can't contain his delight at the thin line of terror that he's walking, and it's all fun and games until some big, dog-breathy trap snaps up his treat, and then there are heart-break and tears.

Jon's on-going war against Super's constant food thievery says that Super needs to be once again banished to the bathroom, but I'm more on the lines of Caleb needs to learn to either hold his food more tightly, or stop teasing the dog, who is around 85 times faster than he is.

Hoping you all have a great weekend! And in case you want to start off your weekend just right, consider signing up for our weekly newsletter, Wonder Pens at Home, which (usually) goes out Saturday morning. It's short and sweet: I recap the week, and there are all sorts of other tidbits and ramblings and sneak peeks.

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March 18, 2016 — wonderpens

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