It's here! Lamy's 2016 Special Edition Safari is the Dark Lilac, and it's gorgeous. With so much else going on here, it almost took me by surprise to hear that we would be receiving our shipment before the end of the week. It's actually almost better that way, so I don't spend my all my time pining and wondering when exactly it's all going to come in.
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Dark Lilac Safari fountain pen Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
It's a real beauty. While I personally loved the Neon Lime (2015) and also the Neon Yellow (2013) editions, because I think neon is a great colour for a pen, and neon also goes with basically every ink, there's no denying that this new special edition Dark Lilac is a dark and gorgeous type of pen.
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Safari Dark Lilac Canada Toronto Wonder Pens Fountain Pens
Lamy Safari & Al-Stars that have a black clip usually have a black coloured nib to match, and the Dark Lilac is no exception. I love that it has the black clip and nib, which I think also fits the textured finish of the pen, the same as the Charcoal Safari. You'll get a black clip with yours unless you opt to upgrade to an italic nib, which are only available in silver colour. The textured finish of the pen is my favourite part of this edition. It's a matte, dark purple, rather than the shinier finishes in most of the other plastic Safaris. There's something that  feels nice in having that bit of traction in the pen in your hand. We also have the Dark Lilac ink in cartridges and bottled ink.
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Safari Dark Lilac Canada Toronto Wonder Pens Fountain Pens
The ink is also dark and delicious! You all know I lean to the brown and earthy side of things, but this rich and sultry ink is something else with a hint of earthy - and of course, how can I resist something that's special edition... It's smooth and flows well and is a beautiful colour, but best of all, when you really get some ink on the page, you can see a golden sheen to it! You do have to look pretty closely to see the sheen in regular writing, but it's definitely noticeable in the swab.
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Safari Dark Lilac Canada Toronto Wonder Pens Fountain Pens
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Safari Dark Lilac Canada Toronto Wonder Pens Fountain Pens
If you're in the neighbourhood, we've already got the pens in our case for you to take a look at, and actually we've already had a few fly out the door just today! You can also order it online, and get it shipped to you within Canada. If you're international and you'd like to us to ship you a pen, just send us an e-mail with your address and whether or not you'd like to add anything else in for shipping (, and we can give you a shipping estimate. For most places in the continental US, it's around $18.50 CAD, which is around $14 USD.
Lamy 2016 Special Edition Safari Dark Lilac Canada Toronto Wonder Pens Fountain Pens


In other news, we're closed tomorrow for Good Friday. We'll be open again on Saturday, and then closed as usual for Sunday & Monday.

We just got a bit of a snow and ice storm just today, despite all my declarations that it's spring. I was thinking that I would get one more wear out of Caleb's boots, but actually I think they're really just too small. It is really bananas how fast these feet are growing.

What's really crazy is that they're starting to also smell like feet, which I guess I shouldn't really be surprised about since he likes to embarrass us by taking off his shoes in public and running helter-skelter barefoot in all sorts of unsavoury places. When he was a baby, I used to love to grab his feet and tickle them and pretend to bite them, but now I've been starting to hesitate when those feet get too close to me and I start to sense that wafting aroma...

In any case, I'm sitting here next to a warm and brown and furry thing (coincidentally not without his own wafting aromas), baby snoozing away, and my prince charming off to pick up some snacks. I'm pondering what we'll do with the shop closed tomorrow, and still a bit dazed by how surreal this life is.
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.07.32 PM

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K-Dawg said:

Picked up a bottle first thing Saturday morning and inked up my Noodler’s Ahab with it. Nice flow and looks great!


wonderpens said:

Glad to hear you are liking it! I’m not normally a purple or violet ink person, but I was surprised but how well I liked this one :)


wonderpens said:

Hi there! I used a medium nib :)


wonderpens said:

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!! :)


wonderpens said:

Hope to see you on Saturday! It’s been too long, although mostly because I’ve just missed you! Hope you like both the pen and the new ink :)


Samuel said:

Hi, what is the nib size you have used in this writing sample ? thanks


wonderpens said:

Wow, your first Lamy Safari! A great colour for your first one – hope you really enjoy it :)


wonderpens said:

I was surprised to see the gold myself!! Hope you like the pen and the ink :)


wonderpens said:

Yes, next time :) Thanks so much for dropping by early – you are always too thoughtful! :)

Karen J. McLean

Karen J. McLean said:

Beautiful pen, beautiful ink, and a beautiful slice of life. :)

Ruth Martin

Ruth Martin said:

Ooooh, purple ink with gold flecks…off to the website to place my order!


Ri said:

Yessssssss. I can’t wait to pick this one up! I’ve been saving the honour of my first Lamy Safari for this gorgeous pen! That ink is gorgeous too! Such a lush purple!

Debora Lustgarten

Debora Lustgarten said:

I’m counting the minutes for Saturday, and oh, that ink! Save me a bottle!


Gerald said:

Great post! Love it! I totally forgot to have a look when I was at your store today. Next time. :-)

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