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Classiky Desk Tool Box


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Classiky wooden boxes are handcrafted in Japan with the utmost attention to detail. Made from Toga wood, the boxes are perfect for storing your stationery supplies. Each box features a metal clasp and handle, so you can keep your stationery stationary, or you can take it with you where ever life could do with a little bit more analogue.

This desk tool box is flatter compared to the first aid boxes, and features a clip at the top to hold on to documents or pictures.


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Dimensions: 30cm x 16cm x 8cm

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Customer Reviews

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Lissa McNiel
Wonderful little box

Perfectly crafted. I have always wanted one, although I hesitated over the price. I don’t regret it. Can’t wait to fill it with treasures.


Lovely this purchase!

Beautifully designed, perfect size

I love this box. It's beautifully designed, it's well constructed, and it has a lush finish. I use mine to hold the mess of odds and ends I use fairly often (pens, pencils, mini sticky notes, mini craft scissors, bookmarks, and even my cameras cable cord). It's a beautiful addition to my book shelf and easy to carry around the apartment as needed.

Given the cost, I was nervous about buying this without seeing it in person, but it was worth every penny.