We just received in our shipment of the newest Volumes special edition from Blackwing, Volume 840. This one has proven to be popular! We had it on pre-order and had to add more to our shipment before it left the US for us. We got the pencils in earlier this week, shipped out all the pre-orders, and now any new orders will get shipped out right away.

This special edition is called the Surfing Pencil, and it features the California coast in gold foil on a sea green barrel, with a matching gold ferrule. It’s a balanced core with a white eraser, oh those foamy waves. It’s in honour of surf icon Duke Kahanamoku, who helped to bring surfing to California.

It’s hard to find a substitute for heading to an actual beach, especially in these days where we’re limiting movement and travel, and the beaches and parks, at least in Toronto, are closed off to discourage too many people from congregating.* That said, if there’s going to be a pencil to help us remember summer and the saltwater, this is it.

Here’s to the pens and pencils and paper that are helping keep us sane, creative, and steady during these wild times. There’s nothing like opening up a box of fresh pencils.

*Few people are surfing along the murky shores of Lake Ontario, but it’s what we’ve got.

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April 02, 2020 — wonderpens

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