At long last! We finally have the Pilot Metropolitan in the Retro Pop colours! We've had our eye on these guys for a long time! We wanted to wait to launch these until we had the whole line at once, in fine & medium, and now they're all here in one happy, rainbow Pilot family.
Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Pops fountain pens toronto Canada wonder pens
These are the same pens as the Metropolitans that we already carry in Black and Gold, just in a different colour. We now have these Retro Pops in Fine as well as Medium, but we are planning on carrying the Black and Gold in Fine soon. Like the Metropolitan, these Retro Pops come with a squeeze converter and a proprietary cartridge, so you can get started right away with either the cartridge or bottled ink. I got a Green, in addition to the Gold I already have, but I'm not sure whether or not I'm regretting it now that I'm looking at the Turquoise. That's the real problem with getting all these colours in at once - it's not like getting the Lamy Dark Lilac where you know exactly what you're going to get (...the Dark Lilac), because now you have to choose which slice of the rainbow you're going to take home. I personally got a medium because I like my ink to look inky (but really because I don't think my handwriting could handle a fine nib without looking even more like chicken scratch than it already does).
Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop fountain pens Toronto Canada Wonder Pens
Pilot Metropolitan Retro pop fine nib medium nib fountain pen toronto canada wonder pens


I'm sorry it's been so quiet here on the blog lately, even with being off the extra day on Good Friday.

It's been a busy weekend, and we've been in and out and around, although we've been trying to get outside more with the warmer weather. We went to the Riverdale Dog Park, which we used to go to all the time when we lived in Cabbagetown. Super's a Labrador Retriever, so a retrieving dog and let me tell you he lives for food and for fetch.

He's very, very good at fetch, showing an almost unbelievable level of focus, especially if you've only met him in real life when he seems to be either spazzing non-stop or napping. His fatal flaw is that he's not very good at finding the ball if he hasn't seen where it's landed. Super's pretty good at predicting where you're about the throw the ball, but if you psych him out and throw it somewhere else, you're basically left to fetch your own ball.

When the weather really warms up, I want to bring Caleb to Allan Gardens, which is just west of Cabbagetown, and has a beautiful and enormous green house, with paths and different areas and rooms. Best of all, it's free! I love that Toronto has all these great places to go to and that are free. And that provide great air. It's a dream of mine to turn our packing area into a green house with plants everywhere, but Jon is already grumbling about the plants on the window sill behind his desk, since he wants to use it as storage for his random stacks of paper.

In other news, and more importantly, related to the shop, we got some pictures of our Wonder Pens team! They're going up on the website later today, if I can get my act together (I would normally make a joke and say, so, probably tomorrow, but I'm also doing this new thing that involves the power of positive thinking). We've had a picture of Super on there since forever, and sometimes we're so comfortable with what's going on that we don't always find the time to look at things that need to be updated. However, with all these new faces in the shop, we thought it'd be nice to put up a few new pictures. Wishing you all a great week ahead!

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March 29, 2016 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for reading! And I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying everything :)

Mar'yana Svarnyk

Mar'yana Svarnyk said:

Finally! :)
When I could not decide the colors, I got three – green, purple and orange, and then gave two to my friends, so that I knew they were close by in case I wanted to marvel at them :)))
Your colors in the photos seem much colder compared to how they look, at least my green looks much warmer than yours.
For some reason I cannot comment via wordpress reader, is that done on purpose?


Anonymous said:

It is hard to choose between the colours!! We used natural lighting for our photos, but I’m sure our camera settings and monitor settings also change things a bit!

We migrated our website, so I think that may explain why Wordpress Reader is no longer working – I’m so sorry about that! It was not something we necessarily chose to do, but I think because we moved our website from our old site to now :)


David said:

Ha ha! ? your handwriting is beautiful Liz, good one!

>but really because I don’t think my handwriting could handle a fine nib without looking even more like chicken scratch than it already does)


Anonymous said:

HAHA – tell that to all of my former students who could not read my writing, or customers who struggle to read any notes I write on their orders!! ;) You are too kind!


Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for your kind words, and taking the time to follow along with our blog! We are finally starting to warm up, and it couldn’t feel any better! :)


Harry said:

I enjoy reading your blog entries.


Sarah said:

Always so lovely reading your posts. Glad to hear Toronto is starting to warm up too. Sending happy tidings to you and the crew from here in NYC.

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