Another surprise for us! While I'm always walking around and moaning at the long wait time to get special orders item in for Pilot all the way from Japan, usually around 3-4 months, the upside is that it's always a wonderful surprise when things turn up!
Iroshizuku Mini Bottles 15mL Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada
We got in a few of these Iroshizuku 15 mL sets. Maybe it's because I'm a small fish in a world made for regular sized people, but I have a thing for mini sized things. It's just so nice when things are appropriately sized - meal portions, chairs, clothes, 15mL Iroshizuku bottles. And it doesn't hurt when they're also beautiful - I simply cannot resist a beautiful ink bottle. (And of course, well, it's Iroshizuku ink.)
15 mL Iroshizuku Sets Wonder Pens Blog Toronto Canada
There are two sets: A) Tsuki-yo, Take-sumi, Kon-Peki B) Asa-gao, Shin-Kai, Yama-Budo Unfortunately, we can't mix and match between the sets! These are not available individually, only as a set of three, in these specific sets. While we didn't pick the colours to go in them, I think these are pretty great sets - A is great for the classic soul, and B is good for those who want a hint of something different. Obviously, I have one of each set ;)
Iroshizuku 15mL Ink Bottles Canada Toronto Wonder Pens
One of the best parts of these sets is that the case itself is a perfect size for a whole lot of stationery related things. You can keep pens in them, stamps, note cards, nibs, ink samples, pen related accessories like ink syringes, blotting paper, etc. or also other things, like chargers, cords, SD cards, USB keys, washi tapes...the list goes on. The case is a very sturdy plastic which is great for protecting pens if you're carrying them around with you.
Iroshizuku 15mL sets Wonder Pens Toronto Canada
We don't have very many quantities of these sets, and we won't be getting more in until the new year because of how long they take to order. I used to balk a bit at ordering things in for the shop that we couldn't easily and regularly re-stock, especially with how much work it is to get them online, and it's tough when we have stuff online that's out of stock for months, but I think sometimes a treat is nice every once in a while. We will be ordering more of these! But not until after Christmas :) I hope you all are having a great start to the weekend! It's busy here as always - we're having a calligraphy class here in the shop as we speak, and tomorrow is our monthly Letter Writing Club. I'm trying to exhibit some self-control in having letters for Salman, the calligrapher, to address for me. Caleb is busy climbing ladders and pulling on cords and trying to ride the dog like a horse. I must admit the rain this morning was pretty great after all that heat, but it's made for a bit of a gloomy Saturday now. I guess I will have to bring Caleb to pick up some frozen yoghurt to make up for it :)

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September 12, 2015 — wonderpens



Thyna said:

these look adorable! mini things are so cute (:

also, sorry to ask about this here – i hope it’s okay! i converted my kaweco sport into an eyedropper and i’ve been happy with it, but i’ve noticed there appears to be some ink leaking in the section in between the clear outer body and the black inner part? i’m guessing it got knocked around a bit too much in my bag, but now i’m wondering if there’s a way to clean this out. i can’t seem to remove the black inner part, but flushing it with water doesn’t seem to be removing very much.

thanks so much!


Anonymous said:

I love mini things! :)
No problem, please ask whenever you have a question! But unfortunately, the answer is there’s not much you can do. The black housing inside doesn’t come out of the grip, or at least not that I know of! I also have some ink trapped there between the grip and the black housing inside. :(


Paul said:

Google is your friend. You can commiserate with others here:

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