It has finally arrived. I was getting a bit worried that I was running out material for the blog, and things were slowly devolving into a documentation of my gradual mental decline, but thank goodness the universe has seen fit to deliver the new Blackwing one-step sharpeners. These join the Blackwing two-step sharpeners.

Everyone (staff, customers, me) had been asking Jon about these sharpeners, and he had reassured us they were coming in the 840s shipment and then they did not. They did not come for several weeks because someone potentially in fact did not order them and then that someone had to place a separate order just for these sharpeners because someone else kept making passive aggressive comments.

In any case, they’re here! They are lovely. They’re metal, made out of aluminum, and have a nice weight. It features a German steel blade. The lid threads around the sharpener piece so it’s very securely closed, with no danger of popping open in your pencil case or bag. It holds a good amount of shavings as well.

On the left, the long point two-step sharpener gets things a bit longer, and the one step sharpener on the right.

This sharpener, being one step (as opposed to two) is great for an everyday carry or on the go, especially since it’s so secure. Above is a photo comparison of two Blackwing Naturals, the one on the left sharpened with the two-step, and the one on the right with the new one-step. It’s not quite as long a point, but it’s also faster to get there. This is a solid all around sharpener, especially if you’re taking out with you.


These days it seems I have the unusual blessing of using more analogue tools than normal, especially with homeschooling. Caleb is doing his daily journal, homework, drawings, art, cardboard sword construction, etc. with us, so we’re making good use of pencils and pencil crayons and scissors and washi tape and packing material pilfered from the warehouse. It’s sort of nice to know that all the stationery supplies were hoarded for just such a time and not at all painful to see arm lengths of washi tape being affixed to a box fort.

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April 23, 2020 — wonderpens



Andrea said:

Bahaha! There is a twinge of excruciating discomfort at various moments in this pandemic. My daughter made a lovely pompom buzzy bee…..but the yellow was some truly lovely wool I had tucked away for a particular project. I am sure we can all relate to the wincing expression of delight at the washi encrusted box fort!


Anonymous said:

Oh no! It’s so hard to be both encouraging to our children’s resourcefulness and creativity and at the same time mourn some of our beautiful and cherished supplies. Hope you are all staying safe and well!


Charmainne said:

Hi Liz and Jon!
I love the blog! I look forward to reading one every time and they’re always so informative and touching at the same time. Your family and your team are such good people, thank you for all your hard work!


Anonymous said:

Wow, thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to write! Usually I am just writing into the black hole of the internet, so I am so glad you found us. Hope you and your family are staying safe and well. :)

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