Along with the Limited Edition Golden Skies Beaumont, we also got in the new Production Line Beaumonts from Edison, the Aurum and the Fireball. They’re joining the production line at the discontinuation of older materials (the Unicorn is still here).

The Fireball is a bright red with shimmery orange, especially in good light.

Of course the Aurum is a new personal favourite of mine, and I’ve got a small, growing collection of Beaumonts. The material is a gentle, warm, subtle grey and gold and beige.

We also still have one or two of the older materials, the Sapphire Flake and the Onyx Flake. These flake materials especially give it a bit more of a vintage look, a truly classic pen. Its style is so timeless—it’s one of my all-time favourite models.


Someone messaged and said we were providing “quality stationery content,” and while they were just being lovely and offhand about it, it was very touching because most of the time it seems like I’m just rambling on in a confused state. One of the benefits of having no other obligations on our time (no after school extracurricular, no school, no social engagements...) right now is that I have all this time to share on the blog, some posts perhaps more organized thoughts than others.

The state of the desk these days is a constant stream of things in and out, papers, invoices, orders, things to take photos of, things to clean out, books, snacks, snack crumbs, lukewarm coffee—sort of like my mind. All the accoutrements of a stationery shop.

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April 26, 2020 — wonderpens



Bob said:

The Hardy boys brought a lot of fond memories…..
I guess we all go through the rambling stage… and while it feels confusing and disorderly, it’s often when we are preparing for creation… A little bit of chaos is essential for the creative mind…..Especially when the cat decides to lend the hand to write :)


wonderpens said:

Yes, you’re absolutely right: a bit of chaos does help stir up creative solutions, and new ways of doing things. We are certainly learning lots as we go, especially about how things might be when we get to the other side of this. ?

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