For the last couple of years, we’ve had Wonder Pens postcards with various pictures on them. Sometimes we print out ones for special events or occasions, but mostly they are scenes from our shop and our favourite stationery supplies. Normally, people can pick up postcards in the shops, and we also include them in online orders, but even with the decreased foot traffic in our brick and mortar, we ran out just at the beginning of the pandemic. It was bad timing with the virus and also our printer had a fire, so there was some juggling and changed locations, and we went through an unusually long phase where we didn’t have any for the first weeks of the pandemic.

But now they’re back! The postcards have been back for a few weeks now, and I’ve been enjoying writing thank you notes on them.

As part of my rigorous homeschooling curriculum, I have been wrangling the children into helping out with signing thank you postcards for customer orders. Both of the kids participate because it’s impossible to do anything with only one of them. Because we now have abundant washi tape, we’ve also been putting a few strips onto the postcards, which is a lot of fun.

Caleb’s the only one who can write, so Naomi is just scribbling on postcards. I try to salvage these by sending to our most understanding customers, but she is prolific, so I have a growing stack. Every time I recognize a particularly friendly customer, I’m glad to pull one from the pile. Caleb’s output when it comes to writing is not yet incredibly impressive: on a good day he can get up to four done in one sitting, but usually he caps out around 1-2 before needing a break, but at least it’s actual words. Also working on spatial sense.

It’s been interesting to do these in a discussion of gratitude, mostly with Caleb at this point. Recognizing familiar names, reading aloud comments on orders together. We are truly a family business, and Caleb is already helping out a bit, although I’m not sure what’s going to happen for him as he gets older.

Gratitude, appreciation, community, working hard. The act of writing a thank you note.

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June 17, 2020 — wonderpens


Eric Hebert

Eric Hebert said:

I love the postcards. I’ve got a few tacked to my wall, near my desk. I find them inspirational to write.

You’ve created a lovely, safe, warm space. Especially through the pandemic. Even from a computer screen.

Much love.


Elizabeth Weir

Elizabeth Weir said:

The “thank you” post cards are an inspiration! Such a nice touch in the box of goodies when it arrives. I am doing my best to revive “snail mail” – the best kind of mail and have been delighted by the number of Christmas cards I got in-return this year (I know, COVID) but also the number of friends that are now sending me post cards. Helps sending lovely paper/cards to them. Thank you.


wonderpens said:

Haha! If you leave a comment, I would be so glad to share! I have a small stockpile of Naomi cards that are getting harder and harder to move! :)


Nina said:

Me too! I want one!



Cecily said:

I was lucky enough to receive one of Caleb’s postcards and I’m treasuring it!! Now I’ll need to put in another order and request one of Naomi’s so I have a set!

Robbyn Boulanger

Robbyn Boulanger said:

My husband said the same thing… getting either one of the kids’ postcards would be especially cool (no offence to the adult postcard writers intended).


wonderpens said:

I’m so glad you liked it! Sometimes I feel I am taking a real risk by selecting people to receive a less…refined postcard experience—hah! Let’s see what we can do about sending you a Naomi postcard… :)


Bob said:

Personally I would be honoured to receive a post card by Caleb, Naomi or both ……or Caleb’s nature drawings….Pity my order shipped on Monday, otherwise I would’ve requested one expressly :)


Dorothea said:

I got one of Naomi’s postcards with my last order, and it made me smile! It reminded me of the “letters” and pictures I got from my youngest siblings, and then their children, when they were tiny. Thanks, I hope you are all doing well. This blog is one of my treats to get me through Covid times.


wonderpens said:

I’m so glad you liked the postcard! She is having lots of fun being part of the action, and I am loving that she can participate in her own way. Thank you so much for your order, and for following along with the blog. We are all getting through this together.


wonderpens said:

Let’s see what we can do! :)

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