We have a Lettermail shipping option, which is for lightweight, flat things which can ship in a cardboard mailer (notebooks, converters). Although it doesn’t come with tracking or insurance, and can sometimes take a while, it’s a pretty popular option because it’s cheaper, especially if you only need a few packs of cartridges or some stickers.

We buy Canada Post stamps in bulk for Lettermail, and we just got in a few new ones. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the packages of postage stamps come in, so it was a lot of fun to open it all up and see the new stamps.

They had released the Year of the Rat ones, which I had missed out on, as well as some new flower ones. I think my favourite ones are the bear ones, which have been out for a while.

Caleb of course liked the space ones. He had previously loved the dinosaur ones, and also likes the shark ones, but he’s got a thing going on with astronauts and flying out into the universe these days. There is currently still a blurred line between stickers and postage stamps which are essentially very expensive stickers.

In any case, it’s a glorious Sunday here in Toronto. It’s hot and sunny and I feel like I’ve just crawled out from a cave.

I’m ready to finally start catching up with some long overdue correspondence, and I’m looking forward to it later this evening, after the kids are in bed. New washi tape, freshly inked pens, fun new stamps. I don’t know that we’re on the tail end of things yet here in Toronto, but it’s, at long last, a new season and we’re all going to get through this, even if we are limping across an interminable finish line far off in the future. There is nothing more important these days than connecting with the people in our lives.

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May 24, 2020 — wonderpens



Anonymous said:

Yes, once you get a few different ones, it’s a lot of fun to pick them out based on the recipient. We even do it when we are sending cheques to our distributors! Your snail mail recipients are lucky!

Pat D

Pat D said:

I also have the Apollo 11 ones! And I recently got my hands on the 2 newer editions of the Dahlia stamps as well as the 100 years of public radio ones.
I get so much joy at picking out stamps I think people will enjoy on their snail mail (and using bought-at-Wonder-Pens stationary to go with!)! Thanks for sharing it as well (and good to know about the Lettermail option, although I tend to buy a bunch of things at once from WonderPens rather than the amount that would fit in a lettermailer.


Diane said:

My husband commented, when I read your lovely post to him, “you know, my dad would have FREAKED if he had known I was eating the stamps. “ turns out he liked the taste of the stamp glue (before stamps became stickers). At least he left no evidence for his dad to find. haha. Ah, children and stamps.


Anonymous said:

Star Trek is not such a bad way to go, though! :)


Anonymous said:

Yes, especially in times like this. I totally get what you mean, a legitimate reason to use them- you don’t have to be so precious about them because you need them! :)


Bob said:

When I was Caleb’s age I wanted to become an astronaut too. The closest I reached the stars was through Star Trek :)


Christine said:

I found out one can order stamps directly to your house and it was an eye opener. I love stamps. They’re so pretty and yet so practical.

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