We buy lots of stamps for our Lettermail, which we normally order online since we order in bulk, but it's still always exciting when Canada Post announces new stamps and I have to stop by a post office to pick up a couple of booklets for myself. I haven't kept up with all the new stamp releases since the big move back in May, but I'm back into it now, especially with the fall weather, and there are some good ones. It's always an adjustment to get to know your new post office people, but there's nothing like going in and asking for all the stamps. I remember the good old days when we used to drop our packages in at the post office, and our postal lady would groan good-naturedly every time she saw us with our armloads. Eventually we would skip the line-up and drop the packages off on the side for her to scan once it got quiet. One or two years in, it was a big step for our small business when we reached the stage of having Canada Post come by and start picking up packages. At any rate, Canada Post has released a few new stamps, perfect motivation to get on my stack of correspondence.
I thought I was going to pass on the "Memorial Cup" hockey stamps (I mean, do I even know what the Memorial Cup is? Is that like the Stanley Cup?) but actually they're not bad. Very patriotic, at the very least. The astronomy ones, though, are gorgeous! Just looking at them makes me wish I was up at the cottage.
But I really had to go because I saw the newest Community Foundation stamp, illustrated by children’s book illustrator Julie Morstad. Each booklet purchased comes with an extra $1 charge, which goes directly to non-profit children's organizations across Canada, but I got them because I love the illustration - the donation's just a bonus. What a dream.
My stack of mail that needs responses ebbs and flows with life: over the last few years I've been a little more consistent, but it's grown on me over the last couple of months. There is something a bit thrilling in the daunting nature of a thick stack of mail - lots to read (re-read), lots to write! The sense of satisfaction in a completed letter, addressed and stamped, and off to the mailbox, especially on these cool days, is hard to beat. And, if you're looking for some company, our Letter Writing Club is taking place tomorrow, Thursday evening, from 7-9pm. It will be at our main shop in Little Italy, at 52 Clinton Street. As always, it's free, supplies provided, postage, stationery, a few tester fountain pens, wax seals. As we roll into the colder months, come on by and get started on some correspondence.

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October 10, 2018 — wonderpens

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