The Superior Labor has released a lovely collection of holiday special editions and items. We’re offering them as a pre-order and they’re live on our website now. In the midst of this heat and sunshine and everything else going on, a tiny peek into the joy of the season ahead.

A lot of these items are just here for a limited time, and with the ordering window so tight before the holiday season is upon us, we don’t want anyone to be disappointed. It’s always exciting to browse through, and we hope the extra time to take a look will give you enough time to make any decisions.

We are going to be bringing more in for the shop, but if sometime grabs your eye, your best way to get it is to get it during the pre-order. Anything that arrives and is in stock on our website will just show as a regular item, and you would be able to purchase it and it would ship as normal (1-3 processing days).

There are some different timelines for different items, so some things may ship to us before others. Some items are anticipated to arrive in December, based on Superior Labor’s manufacturing schedule, and so may not be great purchases if you absolutely need them to be waiting for you under the Christmas tree, as there is always the possibility of delays due to increased volume getting through international customs around the holidays, shipping delays from our warehouse to your house. Everyone is going to try their best! Including our incredible Canada Post people. Please look carefully at the description of the items, which will indicate what the approximate delivery timeline is.

If you would like items to ship as they come, please place separate orders for them. For example, if two items are estimated to arrive and ship in October, and one item in December, we encourage you to place your October items in one order, and your December item in another, and they will get shipped separately. Otherwise, we’ll ship them once your entire order comes in.

Check out all of the Superior Labor Holiday 2020 Pre-Order items here.

We are very much hoping that everything will arrive before Christmas. If there was ever a Christmas when we needed Santa to show up on time, this is the one! However, life has shown us that sometimes we need to embrace the unexpected, and I suppose if there was ever a year that even Santa needs a little grace, this is the one.

We are tremendously grateful for those of you who are thinking of us for your birthday gifting needs, who are sending mystery pen packs to people who need cheering up, and the holiday season ahead.

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August 25, 2020 — wonderpens

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